Politicians Slam Flip-Flopping Issues of Supreme Court

The “cry of the people” has been heard in the higher ups. Now, the Supreme Court is being scrutinized by some well-known politicians with regard to the numerous Flip-Flopping of Cases. I thought this will never reach the Senate but alas! watchful eyes and ears are now focused on these cases.

Justice Gavel

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Okay, let’s move on..

As I have mentioned above, some Senators are already on the tail of the highest court. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago who is a lawyer and has been a judge,said that

You file two documents. First, a motion pleading with the Court to allow for a second motion for reconsideration, then you file your second motion for reconsideration. My question is, was there an order from the Supreme Court allowing this second motion for reconsideration?
The Supreme Court only has to look into its own internal rules and see if these three requirements have been complied (with)

She also fears that the people will turn their backs on the judicial system and the courts if its credibility becomes tarnished. That is one scary future ahead of us and I can’t fathom what will become of our country as well as the future of our children.

Another Senator, a former justice secretary, revealed that this is not the first time it happened. Apparently,

The SC ruled against the 16 towns in 2010, and then upheld their cityhood early this year.

Well, I haven’t heard about the latter but these issues are keeping me awake sometimes. I believe in the judiciary system and that crime and any serious breaking of the public law must be apprehended.

I’m just wondering, if these has been an ongoing issue with the highest court, can’t the government or the President do something about it?

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  1. It is the Highest. Only if the wording leaves an opening, like in Obamacare, can it be challenged . Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  2. Crystal W says:

    I agree that all steps to overturn a case must be followed. Too many times these are not followed simply because they are not forced to or no one calls them on it when they don’t.

  3. michelle says:

    politics is so evil, i don’t know if i can trust govt

  4. tammy young says:

    thank you

  5. It’s scary the way this country is heading….. I refuse to call Obama a President, more like Dictator!

  6. verydeep1 says:

    Yes it is scary..but I believe 1 day that there will be a massive clean up..

  7. Mel Cole says:

    sounds like my dear country, Philippines is in big trouble… there’s never an end to this… we’ll just have to keep praying that those Senators will work for the country first…

  8. Mitzi Fisher says:

    This is so sad. I really don’t trust our system πŸ™

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