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Box cutters basically are used to cut boxes and other stuff that needs opening or cutting. These can be dangerous for children when found lying around in your house. It can cause wounds or injuries to adults if not used properly. The major purpose of these tools is to cut boxes and mostly used in shops or stores in opening their deliveries.

Martor USA box cutters

A common brand used is the Martor USA box cutters because of it’s precise, stainless steel blades that doesn’t rust and they also have versions which blades are totally hidden for protection to frequent users.

Some box cutters sold in the market are simply not as safe more so for daily use. The blades are not as strong and easily acquires rust when cleaned. Thus, when one gets wounded, the fear of infection is high. Also, there are no protections because the blades are exposed and could easily hurt someone.

Functional knives must be strong enough for every day use. Why would you invest in something that can easily break and cause you accidental harm? Aren’t we all for the safety of the whole household?

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  1. md kennedy says:

    This looks a great cutter – fantastic for those awful clamshell packaging that I usually try to avoid if at all possible!

  2. I am in total agreement about safety being the prime reason to buy a product.I have watched my husband cutting drywall with an old well-used box cutter and it makes me shudder.I like that they are strong and rust free.Thanks for the great review.

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