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Hollywood Celebrity Houses

It’s no secret that most bankable celebrities anywhere in the world, have several houses here and there. It’s rare to hear that a star who earns millions a year, has just one house. Maybe there are some, especially those who just started to make it big in the business. But then, it won’t be a simple residence. Of course, they have to also live it big, thus a mansion with 10 rooms and 9 bathrooms, a swimming pool or a penthouse suite in posh New York would do for the moment.

They deserve it, they worked hard for it, so, it’s only proper to lavish oneself with a Richie Rich home. Anyway, it’s a great investment and in times of trouble, they could easily sell it. We know that show business or your career won’t last forever, well, unless you are one superstar who’s star will always shine bright, even in your gray years.

Anyway, since we are talking about their “humble abode”, let’s take a look at some of the Hollywood Celebrity Houses.

Sandra Bullock's House

Sandra Bullock

Oprah Winfrey's House

Oprah Winfrey

Nicholas Cage's House

Nicholas Cage

Mariah Carey's Mansion

Mariah Carey’s Mansion

Madonna's Mansion

Madonna’s Mansion

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

George Clooney's House

George Clooney’s House

Ellen DeGeneres' House

Ellen DeGeneres’ House

Brad Pitt's Home

Brad Pitt’s Home

I do want to have like one of the extravagant houses above, but of course I’ll take the whole family and extended ones to live there. Gee, such great big mansions and just you and the hubby? Or even if there are a handful of kids living there plus at least 4 house helps, there’s still an awful lot of spaces to fill.

I bet there are several luxury cars parked in their garages too! And I’m guessing those cars are “living the lifestyle” like their owners. Might be that since the garage is an extension of the house, it could be as posh too! Of course, if you’re that rich, and you have luxury cars sitting in your garage, you would want your “babies'” quarters to be beautiful, right?

Just imagine yourself living in such grand Hollywood Celebrity Houses. High ceilings, large living rooms, spiral staircases, pools and jacuzzi, walk in closet, marble floors and I could go on with lots of nice things you will find in the above mansions! Well, you’re rich so you can get most of the material things and even find garage floor tiles with gold and silver coins mixed in black marble. Money can make it happen for you!

Well, keep on dreaming.. Who knows, you might hit it big someday and have a grand house of your own near your fave beach!

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