Comfortable Education Must Be Treasured

A house is not complete without furniture and this goes the same with schools. Tables, chairs and other school furniture are very essential because students will feel uncomfortable while doing their lessons or teachers’ will easily get tired from standing a long time without chairs.

School Chairs

When I was in grade school, metal chairs attached into desks were used. Black boards, chalks and different posters were visible around the classrooms. There was a time that those posters were the center of vandalism acts. Those furniture were bought to fulfill the needs of the students so they can study and learn better education, but some chose to spoil that privilege. Without school furniture, students will have a had time understanding their lessons.

During my early learning years, I encountered different types of school furniture made from plastic, wood, or metal. Regardless of their raw materials, they should be properly used and should be given great value. Don’t ever think that they are just simple displays that improve the image of the school. Just imagine yourself sitting on the floor cross-legged, writing on your lap, listening on your teacher’s every word with no visual aide. Is that a fun way to learn? Far from yes, I think. If we have the privilege to experience the fun and convenient way to learn, let’s take the responsibility to take care of the provisions we have every single day.

Whatever we see around our second home should be properly maintained to benefit not only us, but the next generation as well. Imagine the effort spent just to offer you efficient school furniture to use. Remember that education is one of the most important factor to achieve success, so we must give our best to study hard and give importance to education. It is therefore truly wise to give attention on how we show appreciation and gratitude through the way we handle every chair, every table, every chalkboard, or any school furniture that we are given the chance to use in storing treasure for a brighter future.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    The teachers at our school sent a note home at the beginning of the year asking the parents to please don’t buy them gifts, instead give them school supplies like paper, pens, glue stick, stickers etc. It seems that with the budget cuts the school board reduced the amount of money given for supplies and now many of them buy them out of their own pocket. Something is wrong here.

    1. Since the school has already cut the budget for those supplies, it just seem reasonable to also lower down the tuition fees. If they still didn’t reduce that, then there is really something wrong and should be addressed.

  2. md kennedy says:

    In one of my prior “lives” I owned and ran an office furniture company, and I will always remember that the schools that bought the more comfy furniture for the school rooms were the ones that came back for more of the same – they were always satisfied. The others? They would eventually come back, hat in hand, looking for something better for the students.

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    LOL! When I was in 1st grade, the school was so overcrowded that 2 of us shared one chair! Not much learning promoted in that classroom! (A proud graduate of the NYC public school system).

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