Gliding Smoothly to a Perfect Vacation

Is it really fun to play around with that white, fluffy, ice-cold snow that covers every area of your sight during the winter season? When my friends go home from a vacation somewhere snowy, they would brag the experiences they have and show pictures of them wearing ski clothing. Of course, the feeling of envy burns inside of those that don’t have the similar experience but left nothing to do about it. Who knows someday everyone could have the chance to ski, too, right?


I really like it when my friend tells me how it feels to go skiing. I would love to feel the wind rushing against my face and glide along the blanket of snow with the chill of air that wraps around the atmosphere. I dream of seeing snow-peaked mountains and enjoy the picturesque view while gliding down and up the trail of snow. The feeling must be exhilarating, isn’t it? My friend confirmed that is like a big escape from the daily routine of living. She told me that if I were given the chance to have such privilege, I need to be all-prepared before going out on the freezing-cold landscape. Moreover, she told me that although skiing is fun, I should expect that my glides might bring me to a bad spot or even experience bad weather or very cold temperatures. She suggested that I need to back-up myself with right ski clothing that will make the ride more comfortable.

The thought of going out with my friends for a skiing experience lingers in me for a long time now. I would also like to brag the pictures of me wearing my awesome ski clothing as well as my first navigation moves shots. I’d like to meet other skiers and if that day really comes, that would be a big break for a workaholic like me. I really look forward to that dream vacation and experience that incredible event of the winter season. For now, I need to save for that big day and get myself with everything from boots, socks, helmet and the rest of the required clothing and be fully ready because I’m sure that the time is really near for my feet to step on that must-awaited play with the snow. Guess I have to begin scouring the net for such clothing and I’ll begin with the site. Good luck to me and to my already thinning wallet, lol.

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  1. Elle Briarson says:

    Great tips! Planning a vacation is hard, especially with kids in tow, so your tips are great!

  2. md kennedy says:

    As our local temperature reaches over 100 degrees today, just reading about your skiing plans from last December keeps me a bit cooler!

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