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Holiday Gift Guide for Women

When there’s an important occasion, some men cannot be trusted when it comes to choosing gifts for the women in their lives. It’s so frustrating receiving a gift that is either not my style or simply not want! Plus, money is wasted therefore, I’m not happy either.

My husband always say that it hurts because I don’t appreciate the effort. Well, I don’t mean to hurt him, it’s just that sometimes, I feel that he doesn’t know me and know what I want. It’s not like I would always want to ruin the surprise by telling him exactly what I want, then the element of surprise isn’t there anymore, right? What does it take for men to finally see what women most want?

Apple iPad Mini

Okay, I’m putting a short guide for you guys out there. BUT, the following are just a few ideas and you must find out what your lady really wants this Christmas! This is my guide and it may not be applicable to all women.

  • Jewelry – I’m smiling while writing this coz I know I’ll get a different reply when I say I want one. I just like to have an amethyst stud earring and I bet it won’t cost him much.
  • Apple iPad Mini – it’s the newest craze in town and the boys want it too
  • Bigger Computer Monitor – I’m using a 19 inch and a bigger one will be great when the boys and I are watching movies.
  • New Clothes – I have to change my wardrobe coz it’s been a year already and I’ve been wearing the old same clothes, lol. Not that I’m gonna throw it all but I just want something new and in style. An additional pashmina scarves would make me happier.
  • Vacation – I badly need one and your wife may need it too. More so if she’s like me who’s always at home tending to the family and the household

Well, that’s basically what I want. Any one of those would make me even happier. Remember, what I want may not be suitable for your woman, so better find out or suffer her wrath lol.

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  1. MADDIE K says:

    Can you beleive that I have already started shopping for this Christmas?

  2. Oh girl, you are not alone ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. md Kennedy says:

    One thing a lot of my friends – and I – want is some Nordic walking poles!

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