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Hoping to Travel to Relieve the Stress

It’s been ages since my last travel and it would definitely be nice if I get to find time to go out of town during the summer vacation with my family. Personally, I would love to unwind and get myself out of the stress that I have been accumulating for the past few weeks because of my online job. I’m not complaining, but of course, anyone who is working either in the offices or at home would feel burned out once in a while. This is why vacation leaves are part of a company’s benefits so they can ensure that their employees can work as effectively as they could.

Now since I’m a work at home mom, some of you might think that I can always just get out of the house and travel anytime I want, but even though that is true, I am still committed to my online job, hence traveling would need advance preparations and planning to make sure that the travel will not jeopardize the work.

Thinking of traveling already soothes my mind a bit and imagining myself sitting in a beachfront cuddling with my husband and playing with the kids, makes me want it so bad. I’m already thinking that in few more months, the kids will be on their vacation, so I guess that would also be the best time for me to set the date. Beach would be one of the perfect places to go to during summer time, but the thing is, a lot of people will also flock towards beaches as well, so while it can still be fun, seeing too many people gathering in front of the beach, can possibly ruin the mood. What if my kids would want to build sand castles, and then suddenly someone would accidentally knock the castles down because the place is too crowded? Unless of course we go to private resort clubs so we have a cozier place for ourselves. But then, that would mean too many expenses. 🙁

I think another good option is going to Baguio. After all, it’s the summer capital of the Philippines, so I guess it would be nice to go there during summer season. I’ve always been fascinated by the thought of trying out horseback riding, because one of my friends have always inspired me with her equestrienne skills and her seriously nice aigle boots, though I don’t think I can be as good as her. I remember her telling me that if I wish to pursue horseback riding, her advice was for me to go for Aerborn rugs, plus it would be really cool if I could wear some chaps as well. In addition to that, it would be great to see the sights and views of the Cordillera mountains.

aigle boots chaps

But for now, I guess I’d start saving up for my vacation desires through constant work and hopefully, instead of targeting local travels, I might as well go for international ones and bring my kids to Disneyland or something! That would surely ease any stress and tension that has been building up ever since my last travel. Oh and don’t worry, I still make sure that I still have some fun and enjoyment by going out with my friends and family during my days off. Because if I don’t, I would seriously go insane with the handful of jobs I’m currently handling.

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  1. burnout, it’s an all too familiar feeling. i guess WAHMs get them given the nature of our job, we don’t have a strict schedule, so most of us tend to overwork ourselves. i’ve lived here in for almost years yet i haven’t gotten on the back of a horse at wright park ever. i guess i’m just chicken 😛

  2. I totally miss Baguio! I haven’t gone horseback riding for the longest time as well, only the kids do, I just watch, ahaha KJ mom! 😉 Enjoy your week sis, and this time out if it pushes through…

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