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Holiday Gifts for Kids

Have you done some shopping yet? Well, I haven’t and Christmas is just around the bend! I’m sure most of you have already bought some presents but still have to buy some more. Here I am, stuck with some projects, cramming and stressed while some of my friends are enjoying their shopping spree.

Anyway, my plan is to get the kids some pretty nice presents that I know they’ll surely love. My eldest wants an android cellphone and my youngest is easy to please. Hubby and I are scouting for cheaper phones but something that my teenager will enjoy. The little one wants any kind of Spiderman toy, be it a car, motorcycle (of course, Spidey needs to be included) or even a new Spidey bag. His toy box is actually full of this kind of toy and yet, he’s asking for more!

Kids Karaoke Machine

But, we want something that they can both share and enjoy during weekends. So, since they love singing, we’re looking for mini kids karaoke machine. I’ve never seen one but a friend mentioned that she got it online, so I’m scouring the web for an online store that caters this kind and one that can have it surely delivered right before Christmas Day.

I know there are tons of great other gifts we can give to them but this is something we all enjoy, singing. So, I think this is a good idea.

How about you? Have you got your presents all settled? Do you already have gifts for your kids? I’d love to here about it!

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  1. I think I might start shopping now! That karaoke machine would be a great gift for my son 🙂

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