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5 Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Personalised gifts are a great way to give your kids something that no one else has. Children love to have accessories with their own name or photos printed on them, whether they can take them to school or display them proudly in the bedrooms. Personalised stationery is a great gift idea for school ages children, while personalised caps are perfect for kids who love the outdoors. Whether you’re starting your Christmas shopping early or just looking for a fun idea to treat your kids these school holidays, be sure to check out these unbeatable gift ideas for your children.

Customised T-shirts
Customised clothing is a fun way to give your children something they’ll really love. Are you tired of having the same argument every morning, trying to get your kids to wear something appropriate? Why not choose this fun gift idea and personalise a t-shirt for your child, with their favourite picture and even their name printed on the front. If you want to take the fun to the next level, you can also personalise t-shirts with their favourite photo.

Tote Bags
Tote bags, personalised or otherwise, are a great gift for kids, as they often use them to carry swimming gear or library books at school. To ensure your child never loses their belongings again, give the gift of a customised tote bags, embellished with their name and favourite cartoon character or superhero. Personalised tote bags come in a range of designs, including those with photos, pictures, characters and your child’s name.

Photo on Mug - Vista Print
Photo on Mug
To make those winter evenings of sipping hot chocolate just a little more memorable, why not choose a photo mug for your child’s personalised gift. Photo on mug

Personalised Caps
Sun safety has never been so cool, with personalised caps now available in a range of colours and designs. Whether your child simply loves to play in the great outdoors or needs a new cap for school, consider a customised cap or hat as the perfect present. No longer will your children misplace their cap or get it confused with their friends, with funky designs and cool personalised fonts for their name.

Custom Notebooks
If your child loves to keep a journal, they will really appreciate a customised notebook as their next gift. Most printing companies allow you to customise both the inside and outside covers, giving you the option of placing a heartfelt message on the inside cover. Whether they’re heading to school or working on their next big story, all kids will love receiving a personalised notebook.

One of the best things about personalised gifts is that they are incredibly thoughtful, usable and won’t break the bank. Whether you’ve decided on a customised notebook or a fun new photo mug, your kids are sure to love this great new gift idea.

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