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6 Ways to Get Involved in the Arts

Do you love dreaming, creating and innovating? Or would you like to be more artistic because your soulless 9-5 job is sucking all the fun out of your life?

Sing for Hope

Here are just six ways to find your inner Picasso.

1. Attend Local Events

The easiest way to get involved in the arts is to simply put yourself out there. The next time your city hosts an arts festival or an open-air concert in the park, plant yourself in the crowd. You might be surprised at how simple it is to enjoy something new.

2. Find Your Calling

Everyone has a favorite hobby. While it’s perfectly acceptable to dabble in whatever makes you happy, it’s also a good idea to choose one or two things that you can really focus on during your pursuit of the arts. You’ll learn more that way, gaining both experience and confidence as you become an old hand in your area of expertise.

3. Volunteer

Join an after-school theater group; get messy with homeless children and finger paint; teach disadvantaged women how to make jewelry that they can sell. Some charities focus on the physical needs of their recipients, but others try to nurture their spirits through the power of art. Click here to learn more!

4. Do Your Research

Let’s say that you’ve discovered a love of watercolors. Do you know how they’re made? Can you reel off the names of the most famous watercolor artists of all time? There won’t be a test, of course, but it’ll be much easier to fit in with your new friends if you don’t need every reference explained.

5. Start A Group

This is a good way to get involved if you aren’t interested or satisfied with the existing programs in your community. Gather your friends and start your own group! It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching each other guitar or flinging mud around the room during a sculpting class; everything is better with company.

6. Try Something New

Art is supposed to challenge you. It’s supposed to inflame your passion and kindle your excitement. If you don’t have butterflies in your stomach before that belly-dancing class or photography workshop, you didn’t choose the right one.

These are just six ways to embrace a more creative way of life. Whether you’re an artist, director, musician or playwright, use these tips to get involved in the local arts community and nurse your new passion to the fullest.

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