Give Yourself a Break! Relax and Unwind

Stress is dangerous to your health. Once uncontrolled, it may lead to several complications or even death. It can be disturbing more so when coupled with depression. We all know that when a person is severely stressed, it affects the day to day life as well as your relationship to your family.


There are many ways to relieve stress, as there are also a lot of things that makes a person stressed. If you are suffering from one, then read on.

  • Meditation – my number one stress buster! It helps clear my whole being – mind, soul and body
  • Soak Yourself in the Bath Tub – when you feel stressed and at home, then why not prepare for a bubble bath and let your worries pop, well, even for a while. Soaking your body in a perfumed bubble bath will help relax your body. Close your eyes and drift off to wonderland, this helps your mind feel relaxed too.
  • Take a Hot Shower – if soaking isn’t your style, then you can take a hot shower! This also relaxes your aching muscles.
  • Break the Routine – sometimes, doing the very same things day in and day out is stressful. So, why not skip some tasks, go out, talk to some people in your neighborhood. Just do something you don’t normally do. The excitement will replace stress and you’ll temporarily forget it.
  • Spot the Stress – it truly helps if you can identify what’s causing your stress. At least, you’ll have a chance to resolve that matter and be forever rid of that particular stress.
  • Laugh Your Heart Out! – it’s proven that laughing can heal a lot of things and that includes stress. Try it by watching those funny videos or best is laugh with your family and friends.
  • Play Games – didn’t you know that playing your favourite games can further push stress back? Well, yeah, it’s because you are enjoying the moment, your mind is focused on something else. You may also choose games that you haven’t played before, like Bingo at These new games will keep you busy studying the tricks and strategies. Playing games online are fun more so if you’re winning!
  • Listen to Soft Music – Jazz and those soft cool nature sounding music can certainly help free your mind of worldly cares.

The above are just a few examples of relaxation. Remember, the soonest you can spot the cause of your stress, the faster you can resolve it and the better you will feel after.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    I truly believe in meditation not only for stress-release but also for improving mindfulness, which is great for relationship building. There are great online resources for free available which has good guided meditation modules.

  2. Clare Donna says:

    Every person has his own way to get out from fatigue and feel relaxed.for me i will get a little bit of exercise every day, even ten minutes of stretches and deep breathing is better than nothing at all.

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