Log Cabin Houses – A Dream In The Woods

Once upon a time, log cabin houses were meant to be a home for people who worked near mines, or went hunting or stayed at the edge of the forest for similar activities. Today log cabins have become more of a holiday spot especially for those who love nature. Since most log cabins are situated near forests or near large green tracts of land, they afford a very good natural surrounding. Log cabin houses are also made of natural material and exude a rustic air which itself is mostly appreciated by people who are very close to nature.

Log Cabin Furniture

Staying at a log cabin can make you feel very close to nature not only because of the wood finish of the house but because of the chirping of the birds, the cool wind which blows outside as well as the smell of the earth. You are definitely not going to find these things anywhere in the city. Many of us may not even know it, but we have a strong bond with nature. If you like, you can choose from a log cabin house situated either at the edge of the mountains or close to a river or lake. You can also find some log cabin decor, usually wooden furniture, that would be a match to nature.

The cabins situated in the mountains are specially a perfect place for the nature lover. Not only is the view perfect and soothing to the eye, it also provides an instant recharge to the body and soul. It has been scientifically proven that the color green is a perfect recharge to stressed eyes and mountain air can clear up the dust and grime which you might come across in the daily city life. So if you are a nature lover and need to get a really excellent weekend holiday, just head to the log cabin houses and let mother nature take over the rest.

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  1. Elle Briarson says:

    My dream is to own a cozy log cabin in the woods, by a beautiful lake! Loved your post!

  2. md Kennedy says:

    For years my Dad has had a log cabin on a mountain in Vermont and it has become and extended family favorite – we fight over who gets to go when!

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