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Create an Asthma-Friendly Home

Having a loved one in your home that suffers from asthma can create quite a bit of stress on the entire family. Having to be prepared for an attack at any given time can make life more difficult than you like, but if you learn the ways to create an asthmatic friendly home, you will have to deal with those attacks less often.

Use the guide below to create a home in which your asthmatic loved one will not suffer regular environment caused attacks.

  • Air filtration in your home is going to go a long way in reducing the number of attacks that are suffered. A quality filtration system will remove dust, mold, pollen and other pollutants from the air before they make their way to the lungs.
  • Stay on top of dusting the home. Swiffer dusting tools are a great way to capture the dust as you are cleaning your home. If you choose not to use Swiffer products, be sure that you do not dry dust the home. That will simply cause the dust to leave the surface that it is sitting on and enter the air.
  • Keep the bedding in the home as clean as possible. Get pillow and mattress covers for the beds to keep dust from settling in the pillows and mattress. Wash and dry the bedding at least once a week. For homes with more dust, wash twice a week.
  • Vacuum Regularly. Any upholstered furniture you have in the home needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Going over it quickly with a good steamer a couple times a month will kill the dust mites that have settled in it. Twice a year, you should thoroughly clean it with an upholstery cleaner.
  • Removed Carpets. If your home has a lot of carpeting in it, consider having it removed and replaced with a hard surface flooring. Wood floors are great, but laminated floors are going to be the easiest kind of flooring to care for. Having carpeting in the home gives dust and other triggers a place to hide, and when you vacuum them, then those triggers will quickly become airborne. If you decide to keep your carpeting, invest in a vacuum with an optimal filtration system in it and use it at least three times a week.
  • Pets. So many people cannot fathom living a life without pets. If you must have a pet, keep it outdoors. Pets carry more in their fur than just dander. They can carry dust mites, pollen and other triggers into your home from out in your yard.
  • Minimize the clutter in your home. The more clutter you have around the home, the more difficult it will be to eliminate the dust that builds up on and around all of it. If there are things that you cannot bear to part with, invest in an enclosed display case for them. It will reduce the amount of dust that will settle on and around them.

Use this guide and work your way around your home to be sure that you have done everything that you can do to make your home asthmatic friendly. The harder you work to keep on top of these things, the less you will have to stress over when the next attack will be.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    I find that I can keep dust to a minimum if I open all the doors and windows at once on a clear day (check the weather report for allergen levls) for a few minutes. Then I do my dusting.

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