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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Toppers

Just as there are many kinds of weddings, there are many different kinds of wedding cakes. These cakes differ in their sizes, tiers, flavours, fillings, and icings. They also differ in their decorations. There are many ways to customise a wedding cake and the accompanying decorations and toppers to fit your wedding style, preferences, and budget. Each of the following type of toppers can be purchased as a new or vintage piece, or created as a do it yourself wedding project.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Floral are a versatile wedding cake topper. Live or artificial flowers may be used. They are a perfect incorporation of outdoor and indoor accessories for a garden wedding, but are equally fitting for any kind of wedding when using coordinating wedding colours. Live or artificial flowers can be placed in the same combinations found in the bridal bouquet. Live flowers offer a fresh and unique appearance, while silk flower arrangements for the cake topper are another option that can be kept as a keepsake after the wedding.


Fountains are a beautiful cake topper that can also incorporate special lighting. Water is always a nice feature, and fountains can be arranged in various heights. They can appear calming and delicate, or have show-stopping qualities. Some fountain cake toppers are commonly used with stairs that transcend various tiers of the wedding cake.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom toppers are a traditional choice. Some are plastic figures, while others are hand pointed porcelain figures. There are many choices available, such as showing the bride and groom in an embrace, facing forward, or dancing. There are specialty bride and groom toppers, such as military toppers for each branch of the armed forces, or toppers made to resemble the actual bride and groom. Other specialty toppers include those that play music.


Theme weddings such as beach weddings, may call for a sea theme wedding cake topper. There are various toppers available that have the appearance of sea shells or starfish, and incorporate colours such as aqua, beige, and white. Other theme cake topper ideas include a fondant pumpkin and colourful leaves for a fall wedding, or an Elvis for a La Vegas Wedding. There are theme toppers for sports and motorcycle enthusiasts. When it comes to theme weddings, the options are truly endless.


Some couples decide to use lettering for their wedding cake topper. Monograms, first names, or wedding dates can be incorporated in the lettering of a cake topper. Another popular choice includes the social terms of Mr and Mrs or including words such as love, dream, or forever. These words can also be incorporated with photos used on the cake topper, or embellished with crystals or beads.

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  1. Vicki Hale says:

    we are starting to plan my nieces wedding this week end, i will narrow her down to a theme. thank you Vicki

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    My daughter used our cake topper for her wedding cake. I had saved it in our china closet and she’d always loved it. We were so touched that she wanted that connection…perhaps one day her daughter will want to use it too.

  3. Renee Smith says:

    We went with a topper that matched our theme when we got married. I can’t wait for my daughters to get married. I hope she will let me help with the planning.

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