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How To Get More People To Your Blog Inside 90 Days!

Whether your blog is a standalone product or a tool used for marketing a business, increased traffic is the number one goal! 

An increased readership generates more revenue through direct advertising. It also boosts brand awareness. You don’t merely wish to increase the figures, though. You need to see fast results. Here’s how to transform the blog inside three months through five very simple steps.

1| Redesign Your Site 

A responsive design and layout are essential for all modern business websites. Your blog isn’t any different. A good design will boost your Google ranking while also reducing the bounce rate and boosting repeat visit rates. The site needs to be optimized for mobile too. So, if you’re not an expert in the field, using a web builder or template might be best. Simplicity is often the key. 

Once you’ve completed the redesign, be sure to submit your site to the Google Search Console to speed up the process of being indexed. 

2| Optimize Content 

The importance of SEO cannot be emphasized enough. This is where most of your organic traffic will come from. While writing great content is vital for keeping readers interested, you also need to help Google find the content. Using the right keywords, meta titles, and image optimization will help. Meanwhile, adding external links to relevant sites is useful too. 

When the content is optimized in the right way, you don’t only gain more traffic. Crucially, it has greater relevance to those that find it.   

Social Media

3| Embrace Social Media Outside of Google, social media is your greatest asset. This is your chance to promote blog posts to an audience of billions. It is the ideal place to reach new readers before directing them to your site while also giving an insight into the tone of your blog. Reaching users in an effective manner is tough. Visit to unlock the full rewards. Readership will soar.

If nothing else, this is a great way to stay fresh in the user’s mind through regular participation. This can recover previously lost readers with great results. 

4| Ask For Support 

The power of recommendation is one of the strongest tools in any company’s arsenal. Your blog can reap huge rewards regarding a spike in readership simply by asking your existing readers to help grow the audience. Sending an email to your subscribers is a great option. Other tactics include using content that is likely to result in social media tagging and sharing. Social influencers are useful too.   

But you must avoid using posts that explicitly ask for this as you can receive exposure penalties from the social media sites in question.   

5| Diversify Your Content 


Keeping the blog fresh is one of the hardest challenges facing any blogger. Adding video content is a great option that is easier to digest and reaches new audiences. Alternatively, you can visit to learn about podcasting. Adding new ideas to your brand can seriously boost your traffic in next to no time. 

Another option is to team up with another content provider. Together, you can create some truly stunning content that’s sure to build your joint customer base.

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