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Simple Everyday Beauty Tips

Most people are having a hard time maintaining their best more so when it comes to beauty. They tend to go purchase a lot of different products just to get that healthy and beautiful look. But, what they don’t know is that, there are times one need not buy expensive products just to stay beautiful.

Here are some ways you can do for yourself to help keep that beautiful aura.

  • Nail care – This isn’t something that easily comes to mind when people think of beauty and health care. But nails can definitely tell you something about a person. If you see it clean and well taken cared of, then that means that person is concerned about good hygiene. You see, having a trimmed well-cared manicured nails will add to your “radiance” rather than having discoloured long nails. So, keep it always clean and it will help make your hands look good.
  • Nail Care

  • Shaving – If you live in a country where long shabby armpit hair is a no-no, then try shaving at least once or twice a week or depending on how fast your hair grows back. This is highly important for us women especially if we want to wear tube or sleeveless tops. This goes the same for leg hair, that is if you are used to shaving it before. You wouldn’t want to wear shorts while growing hair is all showing, would you?
  • Shaving

  • Moisturizing – In order to keep your skin soft, glowing and healthy, you need to moisturize! If you are fond of wearing makeup, then it’s important to apply a moisturizer prior to putting on a foundation. Applying it after the makeup foundation would be useless because it cannot penetrate thru it, thus no benefit for your skin at all. Moisturizers help keep seal moisture underneath your skin thus it won’t go dry overtime.
  • Moisturizing

  • Blot Your Lips – there are times when you overdo putting lipstick and this can cause an embarrassment for you later on. Why? Because your lipstick’s residue will be on the wine glass and unfortunately, your front teeth. Yaiks! Yes, that is quite embarrassing, more so if your date will tell that to your face! Ouch!

    What you do is, after applying lipstick, always blot your lips with a piece of toilet paper or tissue. That way, the excess or residue will stick to the tissue instead of on anything your lips make contact with.

  • Blotting Your Lips

  • Exfoliating – This has a lot of benefits for your skin and I assure you, it will make your skin glow and younger looking. Look for a nice exfoliating cleanser that goes with your skin type. Remember, that it must be within your skin type or condition otherwise, you won’t benefit from this or it may ruin your skin altogether.


    Do this at least once a day. There’s a “finger motion” which has to be followed so as not to damage your skin. Gently rub the cotton with the cleanser on your cheeks in an outward circular motion, not too hard, just pressing it lightly onto your face. Make it stay longer in one area so that it will deeply cleanse your pores. Try not to overdo it.

You need to spend a few minutes of your time to make these tips work. You want to stay healthy and beautiful, right? If you continue doing them every single day, you will shine eventually. You will achieve that certain glow that you only see with the Hollywood stars. With time and effort, that beautiful glowing look will be yours soon.

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  1. I totally agree! this are simple tips but its very effective and we have to do it everyday in order to have a healthy and younger looking skin. πŸ™‚

  2. Clare says:

    Exfoliating is an important step in skin care.i use
    Clinique Exfoliating Scrub and it just leaves my pores feeling squeekie clean!

  3. Exfoliating and moisturizing is very important to keep skin glowing, healthy and younger looking.

  4. maribel raymundo says:

    Thanks for sharing. We shoul all take good care of our skin. We should exfloiate every 2 weeks

  5. maribel raymundo says:

    Thanks for sharing!We should exfloiate every 2 weeks and take good care of our skin

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