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Summer Activities For Kids

Kids these days are restless! Well, my kiddos are, that’s why I need to feed their imagination so as not to get bored and eventually breakdown on me with their yelling and endless cries.

Here are a few of the summer activities along with a bit of description:

  • Backyard camping – For my kids, this is the ultimate summer treat and activity for them. They both love camping though it’s just at the backyard coz somehow they feel independent plus can do anything they want without mom hovering over their shoulders every time. Set up a small tent, if you don’t have one, get some thin blankets, tie it together so you can have a makeshift tent. Bring out some food, not necessarily that they’ll cook it over a bonfire, just some fruits, crackers and juice to help them in imagining they are really on a camping trip. Give them some toys or books to read to pass time. I gave them some play activities and it worked! Don’t forget to put those “OFF Lotion” to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Summer Activities for kids

  • Backyard swimming – if there’s a second ultimate activity, then the pool is the next one. If you don’t have one, there are cheap but with quality and safe portable rubber pools you can buy somewhere and your kids will thank you for that forever or as long as it’s not broken :). With this summer heat going on til next few months, you’d be glad you have that pool!
  • Summer Activities for kids

  • Guitar lessons – my husband knows how to play one and I think he passed that talent to my kids. All 3 have their own much like those Aguilar Guitars I see on the net. They’ve been playing constantly these past few days and those were the moments you’d definitely cherish. Well, aside from learning their guitars, they bond and with those infectious laugh, I don’t wanna miss a single moment.
  • Board games – we bought new board games a few days ago and the kids picked what they liked. Since those are all kiddie games, hubby and I just need to go along with it and just concentrate on having fun. You’ll be amazed how time flies when you’re all playing one.
  • Art crafts – my boys also get crazy making different art crafts these past few weeks. They’ve tried beading (big ones that won’t get inside your nose, you know kids, lol), paper art works etc.

You’ll never know what your kids’ talents are unless you try giving them something to work on. In fact, I only realized that this year. It’s up to us parents to continuously support them in any ways possible. πŸ™‚

What are your summer activities this year?

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