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Definitely a Horse Lover

My friend used to have a dream of becoming an equestrienne just like the famous Filipino Chinese actress, television host, Mikaela María Antonia Cojuangco, or better known as, Mikee Cojuangco. Most people don’t really see the beauty in these animals, but somehow, she appreciates their elegance and grace whenever she sees horses. She even feel sorry for those horses that are being used in kalesa, because she feels like those horses are not happy with what they are doing, plus the fact that they are not well taken care of, unlike those in the farm, where they can roam around and get their necessities naturally. Additionally, she is a sucker for fashion statements, and she thinks that being able to wear an elegant equestrian clothing would be nice for her image.

The Equestrian CornerPhoto: The Equestrian Corner

Because of her love for horses, her father bought her one on her 18th birthday. She took horse riding lessons and had someone taught her how to be a good owner, as well as how to take good care of them. She shared to me some tips and tricks to know if a horse is sick or not when we were young, and I did learn quite a lot from her, but honestly, I forgot most of it because I’m not into horses just like she is still.

Now that we are both a mom, she still is a horse lover and even handed down her love for the animal to her kids and exposed them with the different kinds of horses that she owns in her farm. Although she never became an equestrienne like her idol, her passion and love for the animal became her way of bonding with her family and friends, as she showcases her knowledge about her first love – horses.

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