Diamonds Are Forever

Some people say that Diamonds are girls best friend. Some even say that when men give their lady lovesย these diamond rings, it should mean forever or for all eternity. Girls would giggle at the sight of one sparkling stone and would probably jump for joy when presented with it along with a proposal for marriage and the promise of eternal love. Women would be seen parading the gem with gusto. All because of it’s sparkle and perhaps because it symbolizes “love” and “eternity”.

But, does it really last? I mean the relationship or the marriage and not the diamond coz we all know that it can definitely stand the test of time. Does wearing it or having it in your possession means that whatever you have between the giver will also live longer than expected?

I sure hope so, because that is one expensive stone. I would really like to believe that marriages can last forever. I have seen some solid examples and would also want mine to be like that. Both my sisters’ marriages as well as some relatives and friends, have like a tough invisible brick wall that’s hard to topple. I hope and pray that mine would survive all marital troubles.

I may not have the largest diamond in my jewelry box, but I’m sure that all the precious gems in my life are hidden in my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

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