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Creative Ideas for DIY Mommies

Most moms prefer to stay home and be with the kids. Sometimes, they need to be resourceful and find ways to earn money. Dad’s income may not be enough for the family’s needs or Mom just wants to keep herself busy and earn an income for herself.

Here are some helpful tips to help Mom earn money, even if she takes care of the kids.

1)      Fabric flower bouquets

If you are gifted with talents in making flower bouquets, this can be an interesting job. Instead of using real flowers, substitute these with fabric flowers. You can make this yourself. The Internet can provide you fabric flower tutorials that can help your create these lovely flower bouquets. Have these handmade flowers look like real flowers by arranging them like real ones. People will notice these are better than real ones as these last longer.

2)      Candle making

Candle making is a seasonal business that sells at its peak during special holidays. These are also needed in homes during important occasions where these are required. Investing in this business will need you to attend seminars and training to learn to make these. You also learn various techniques on maximizing your investments and opportunities. But if you really want to do things on your own, check out tutorials provided online.

3)      Unique Cakes

Making unique cakes will require proper training for the preparation. You can make different cakes for different occasions. You will also need various recipes for these. You can get a cookbook from bookstores or obtain recipe tutorials from online sites. Baking the cakes will need you to ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary kitchenware. The cakes can come in one piece or designed in layers. Garnish it with few designs made of icing.

4)      Girly Accessories Making

Creative hands are what you need when you want to create girly accessories. Things are made easy as you create these accessories through the following tutorials provided online. Use headbands and clips that come in plain colors or opt for chokers and bracelets. Make fabric flowers as your design, and have big flowers made in different colors. Sew or glue these handmade flowers to your accessories.

DIY mommies may obtain creative ideas on how they can market these products. If everything turns out well, these ideas will surely be a smash, especially when more people find interest in their products.

About the Author: Eliza Mariano is the owner of www.JewelBoxBallerina.com, a fabric flowers tutorial website that caters beauteous handmade flowers for DIY moms at home.

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  2. i really do have plans in making a sideline job but it’s a lil bit hard for me since my son is at his age of being makulit and i need to keep my eye on him. But why not, right? Things can be possible if we wished too. And i hope someday one of this creative ideas will be my very own business soon. 🙂 great idea as well.

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