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FSJshoes Customized Heels – Make Your Feet Comfy!

When buying shoes, I always make it a point that it’s comfy enough even for long walks. I no longer wear high heels, pumps and boots, those days are over lol. I prefer a bit of wedge, flats or rubber kicks. I don’t do a lot of walking these days but in case I need to, I have to be ready and comfortable.

I normally buy in malls coz I like to see how it will look on my feet and if it’s worth the price. I don’t shun the idea of buying expensive ones coz I have this notion that at least, it will last me a few years. I’ve had several mishaps on buying cheap shoes, so I’d rather go for those really worth it.

I also buy online sometimes, only if I’m sure about the site or a friend/family has already bought and liked what she got. Though recently, I discovered this site which can customize shoes and loving what I see.

FSJshoes Customized Shoes

FSJshoes is where you can do the customization and you can also browse over 3,000 unique styles. With that so many designs, you can choose your desired style, customize heels and more!

How to make your own shoes at FSJshoes?
Step 1. Submit custom shoes requirements and images.
Step 2. Get Price offer from FSJshoes then place an order.
Step 3. Make an approval with your shoes’ completed photos.
Stop 4. Receive your custom shoes.

You can submit your Custom Shoes Request via the website as well as an image so they will have an idea of what you really want.

FSJshoes Make Your Own Shoes

You can decide on partial or full customized shoes. Average prices may start at US$90, can be finished in 7 business days though you can have it rushed with an extra payment, of course. What’s even great is that they offer it worldwide! Yay!

If you don’t like to wait and need a pair that fits your requirements, you can always check the categories. I bet you’ll be able to decide on one or two styles and can have it shipped to your destination. Pick several choices then buy the best ones.

I’ve already started and boy, I am overwhelmed with the wide array plus it’s quite easy to navigate if you are looking for shoes for any occasion, be it for work, dancing, formal – FSJshoes got it!

Got you interested? Check out their website now at https://www.fsjshoes.com.

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  1. Maria Catherine Matugas says:

    Wow gusto ko talaga ito . Ako mismo.mag gagawa ng gusto kong designs ma shoes .. I love it ..

  2. Wow maganda po ito momshie ung ako mismo mag dedesign ng gusto at sarili kong shoes , sandals i love it ..

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