I know Mother’s Day is over but for those of you who only got time now to buy your moms their most deserved presents, now is your chance to make up to them…

If you have searched high and low for a gift that symbolizes your love for your mom, might as well take another chance at this mother’s ring that’s truly a great deal plus with wide array of styles and designs to choose from.

Take a look at some samples below:

Joy Jewelers Mothers Ring

My mom loved colourful gem stones in rings, necklaces and even bracelets. It didn’t matter to her whether they are fancy or true gold. What was important, it came from our hearts. Thru the years I kept all those jewelry and wore some of them too. It made me realize how much I loved and longed for her..

I know gifts are just objects or materials that sometimes doesn’t last a lifetime. But, you can show your mothers a different kind of appreciation by giving her things anyway..