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Videos For Keeps

Memories are supposed to be for keeps.. but how can one keep it in a safe place where you can access it anytime you wish?

A decade ago, we used video cameras and recorded important events on video tapes. Now, some people still do that but most uses a digicam or DSLRs to take pictures and records it in a memory card. It was really not a good idea to keep loads of video tapes which may be ruined in a few years time thus all memories, lost. I mean, even if you keep them wrapped in a plastic, throw it in the old chest, it is possible for molds to creep in, then what? All of the tiny details of your treasured collections are gone forever!

Technology happened for a reason. Those really intelligent human beings are always up and about because they wanted change. Though some changes/evolutions or whatever they wanna call it are not for the greater good, some even surpasses what they had created thus the rise of the “new breed” of really awesome gadgets.

Ok, back to the videos. Nowadays, since the invention of memory cards, it isn’t that hard to record things that you want remembered. I, for one, is a fan of those “little brains” which can save up to 16GB of “happy and sad thoughts”. But, uploading them to my fave social networking site is a time consuming effort. Photos can be shown to friends faster than the usual but when it’s time for the video uploads, gee, I’ve finished counting up to a thousand and I’m just halfway through. The same thing goes for downloading videos from youtube. I don’t have all time! I can’t sit and wait for all of just one video to be downloaded to my computer! I have other things to do!

And so I searched the internet, for something that could help me get through the stress of uploading and downloading. I found a few but haven’t really tested it all. I just wanna show my friends those awesome shots I took and the singing portion where my son was featured. Soon, I’ll be able to add it to my “treasured albums” and I bet, my family will be happy to see them.

Time flies so fast and I can hardly keep up. In a few year’s time, my boys will be grown men. I just wanna remember the good ‘ol times and if I have to watch it over and over, I wouldn’t mind. Memories are supposed to be held in your arms and keep it close to your heart. But since paper turns yellow after a long time, it wouldn’t be the same. Therefore, I’m embracing technology and for what it can do to my beloved memories.

Gee, I’m getting old. I would also wanna be remembered the way I look today – beautiful (ahem!). Through the grey years of my life, I’d be watching and flipping the albums of my life. And I’m going to relive what used to be…..


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