Burn’s Birthday Bash Contest

Woot! Woot! Is it Christmas already? Seems it’s Christmas Season coz  online contests are everywhere. This time, Burn of  Babycoy.info is celebrating her 30th Birthday with a bang!

Here are the goodies for prizes:

First Prize:

$ 25 via paypal

1000 EC credits (My Wishlist and Lifestyle and homemaking)

3 months 125×125 Ad Space Scrap Collection, Slogged Over Leisure

3 pcs. of lipgloss (Dhemz)

2nd Prize

$ 15 dollars via paypal

500 EC Credits

2 months Ads Space 125x 125 Mapeh Org

2 pcs. lip gloss (Dhemz)

3rd Prize

$10 dollars via paypal

200 EC credits

1 month space 125 x 125 Babycoy

Here are the required tasks:

* Blog about the contest with contest badge and sponsor. Just copy and paste the code below

* Subscribe to my feeds: Slogged over Leisure, Babycoy, MapehOrg,

* Place the contest badge on your sidebar.


  • Leave a comment on here saying that you are joining the contest.
  • Link the following sponsors.
  • Thanks to the following blogs:

    Major Sponsors

    Slogged Over LeisureMapeh Org Lumad Basakanon Babycoy

    Minor Sponsors

    Multiple blogs are welcome. Just follow all the required tasks per blog.

    Fill up the form found here so she can count your entries. In determining the winners, random org will be used.

    Contest Starts: October 1, 2010

    Contest Ends: October 30, 2010

    Announcement of winners will be on November4, 2010

    Good Luck!

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    1. Burn’s Birthday Bash Contest http://goo.gl/fb/6LHPm

    2. I see. your joining too! balato po! 😀 hehe, I think its just for girls, and she even called me “sis 🙁 sad, hehe, hope you a good luck for the contest

    3. mona says:

      its true, everywhere you can see lots of freebies and giveaways contest, well goodluck sa mga sasalihan natin =)

    4. hahaha.. bka hilo na si burn and besides your username is kakaiba.. Good Luck 🙂

    5. Goodluck to you too.. Mananalo din tyo,lol Thanks 🙂

    6. ellen says:

      Sis! Sumali ka ba sa contest ni REd? Pacomment naman dito o: http://www.bloggityboop.info/2010/10/i-blog.html/dontfollow

    7. Nope di na ko maksali kc ang dami work load eh.. Ok comment ako. 🙂

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