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Mofit Powerbank: Stylish, Reliable, Durable and Affordable

I’m a working momma with a lot of things on my plate. My main work is online so I need to be always, well, online hahaha. I have several blogs with social media pages that need constant updating as well as clients’ pages to manage. I also cover events and usually post real-time photos and go live. On a daily basis, I’m online at least 10-12 hours a day. Busy? Every single day, especially when I’m out.

My primary phone is my mobile office. I don’t bring my laptop when going out anymore. I often check my emails and socmed pages using it. I have a secondary phone but got tired of bringing it coz it’s just an added weight in my bag, hahaha. So, if the battery runs out, I’m dead, lol. But, since power banks became a must-have, I always have one with me.

In my line of work, especially when attending events, it is really frustrating when you see your battery running low while live-streaming. These days, a mobile phone and a powerbank go together, ALWAYS. For me, both have become a necessity.

Mofit Powerbank

If you are on the look-out for safe, reliable, durable, stylish and most especially affordable power banks, I’ve been testing these Mofit Power Banks and so far, they’ve proven their worth.

Here are some key features about the Mofit Power Bank:

Mofit M101 – 10000mAh

Mofit Powerbank: Stylish, Reliable, Durable and Affordable

The Mofit M101 has an LED Digital Display so you can easily see the remaining battery. It’s available in 2 colors only – Black and White. It’s slim yet powerful and can do two-and-a-half charges for iPhone 8 Plus, or 2.6 full Galaxy S9 or iPhone X charges. My main mobile phone is a Samsung S9+ and it can indeed full charge as stated!

Mofit Powerbank: Stylish, Reliable, Durable and Affordable

What I like about this powerhouse is that it comes with Micro USB input, Type-C input, and a dual USB port output. I can actually charge 2 mobile phones at the same time!

Mofit Power Bank

Mofit M102 – 10000mAh

My fave of the three Mofit Power Banks is this sleek, stylish and fast-charging Mofit M102. It’s lighter than the other one I’m using, also has 2 USB Ports, can detect the current of the device for faster charging with its IQ INTELLIGENT RECOGNITION.

Mofit Powerbank: Stylish, Reliable, Durable and Affordable

It’s Carbon Fiber finish so it’s 100% safe while using and with advanced protection in monitoring heat, surge, short circuit and automatically shuts down from overloading.

Unlike the Mofit M101, this has a 4-LED battery level indicator but just the same, indicates the battery level. It also has the same 2 USB Ports for simultaneous charging and a 1-year warranty for all models.

Mofit M201 – 20000mAh

The Mofit M201 Power Bank is the lightest compared to my other 20000mAh brands. Combined designs in this powerful charger – the LED Digital Display and the same inputs/output.

Mofit Powerbank: Stylish, Reliable, Durable and Affordable

I haven’t fully tested this one yet but I have an all-day event this week, so I’ll update this post. So far, at home, I was able to charge my smartphone 3x and still have 35% left!

There are tons of fake power banks in the market so you should be wary and not be swayed because of the low price. You should not sacrifice safety and quality. But why buy fake ones when there are other brands like Mofit that’s within the same price range? At least it’s branded, of high-quality, reliable and safer.

You can check out Mofit PowerBanks on Facebook at Mofit Philippines and @mofitph on Instagram. Full features and descriptions are available on their website at

It’s already available in Shopee and Lazada at

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