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Auction Sites – Bid to Win

Nowadays, bidding is so much easier. Almost gone are the days of traditional bidding wherein you have to be physically present to make a bid on something that caught your attention. Auction companies stepped up to the next level – bidding over the internet. Yep, they are all over the world wide web, just search for a bidding company in your location or country and I bet you’d find a bunch of them. Though, one must be wary of being scammed, not that I’m saying these type of sites are scammy but just be careful.


I have tried several auction sites here in the Philippines and unfortunately, I haven’t won a single thing,lol. Lost a few dollars (ahem!) and then I stopped. Why? Bidding is not my thing, I just tried it for fun though it wasn’t really funny when I lost my money. The sense of adventure was exhilarating and when I lost to the lowest bidder, I was grouchy,lol.

There are people who are really into this kind of “game” and most of them who has mastered the “art of bidding” had their shares of bad lucks and good lucks too. There are people who try this stuff so they can post some reviews. I’ve read something about the reviews and some other auction sites, though positive, I’ve already tried my luck so, I’m done with it.

Before you join and bid, read the terms and conditions of each site. See if it all applies to your country and of course the legitimacy of the site. Try bidding for just a few dollars so if let’s say it’s a scam, at least you didn’t lose a lot. Overall, check yourselves – is this really for you? Are you willing to lose money?Β  Because at the end of the day, you have no one to blame but you πŸ™‚

Auction Sites

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  1. Auction Sites – Bid to Win

  2. Medyo ingat ako dito.. Mahirap na marami scammers. Nag bid ako sometimes sa mga jobs pero unlucky. Never ko pa natry sa mga products ..

    1. Me too, nagbid ako pero naubos na credits ko wala pa kong napanalunan hehe..

  3. md Kennedy says:

    I keep seeing ads on TV where folks are winning auctions for iPads at $11 (as an example) – I am interested but know there must be a catch.

    1. With some that’s true. Lol sometimes the shipping costs more than what you bid for πŸ™‚

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