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My husband is a fan of Toyota cars. He bought a Toyota Camry last 2002 (manual transmission) and up to this day, it’s still in good condition. He’s satisfied with its body, interior is great, no problem with the steering and suspension and the handling is superb. There were problems encountered of course (car is already 8 years old), like, changed the starter, clutch and pressure plate, brake and others. The good thing about it is that, his best friend owns an auto repair shop. So every time he feels the car needs to be worked on, he just brings it to his shop and his people roll up their sleeves right away to fix whatever the existing problem is.

My family and I always go out for a long drive or go out of the city especially on weekends. Spending quality time with my family is always a priority. Before we go out, my husband makes sure that he checks the brakes, water, gas, air, and other things to avoid problems while we are on the road. Needless to say, if you have your car tuned up on a regular basis, this will prolong the life of its engine, not too much maintenanceΒ  and this will also avoid any major problem that will prompt the check engine light to illuminate. Once this light turns on, this will tell you that your car has an engine problem.

We’re really glad to own a car that is not only for its dependability, reliability but also for its safety. My husband says, that this brand of car, has won several awards already. To name a few, it was named 2002 Best Family Sedan in its class by the Editors of AMI Auto World, the Car And Driver calls it a benchmark for all mid-sized sedans and nominated for Motor Trend 2002 Car of the Year.

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