Venus Raj Lost the Chance to be Ms. Universe

While I was waiting in line for the doctor, I was able to watch the Ms. Universe Pageant on local tv. Though I already know who won the title ( on cable tv – courtesy of the doctor’s secretary,hmp!), I wanted to hear her answer for the final round of the contest.

We were all elated during the earlier portion specially when Venus was included in the 10 and then the 5 finalists. All hopes were shattered when we heard her answer. The question came from William Baldwin, an actor and one of the judges. Here’s the question: “What is the one big mistake that you did in your life, and what did you do to make it right?” Her answer was, “In my 22 years of existence, there is nothing major – major problem that I have done in my life. Because I’m very confident about my family and the love they are giving me. So thank you so much…”

The question was easy (for us who are not pressured) but she was nervous and it was noted in her voice while answering. If I were in her shoes, I might have done worst,lol.. True enough it was a nerve racking experience for all the candidates but the other Top 4 didn’t lose it.

Some of the out patient people behind me were muttering that maybe the hostage taking that happened somehow affected the views of the judges about the “Ms. Universe image” if they’ll pick Venus. Others were saying that she didn’t understand the question and one old lady said, she can’t blame Venus for losing the title coz she knows how it feels to be up on the stage because she was once a beauty titlist in their barangay,lol…

In my opinion, she got nervous. Pressure has a role too. Well, it isn’t easy to be standing there infront of many people, more so, there were lots of Filipinos in the crowd cheering for her. We could only assume what she might have felt during that particular moment, but I guess we’ll never know how she truly feels.

As the former Ms. Universe Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz said over an interview, they can’t blame Venus for they exactly know how it felt when they were in the spotlight. Though they gave some advice which I also mentioned earlier to another patient. She could’ve mentioned what she experienced when she was dethroned as Bb. Pilipinas and was reinstated. I mean, that must have been a “major major problem” at that time, til it was resolved. Or as Gloria Diaz said, she could’ve at least mentioned about her father, who she hasn’t seen, I dunno if for sometime now or has never seen him.

I don’t believe there is one person on earth, still living, that hasn’t gone thru any difficulties in life or any problem during their lifetime. There must have been something that happened to any person that one can call “a big problem” or “big mistake”. But try to analyze it, she was asked if there was any big mistake in her life, she thought there was none that she can consider BIG. She didn’t say that she’s perfect and all, but just that no major problems at all. Anyway, she’s only 22, maybe the “big mistake” hasn’t happened yet. Or she can now consider what she answered as “one big mistake” that she wish she could undo or fix..

Oh well, Ms. Mexico won and there’s nothing we can do about it anymore. Venus knows what she missed and I bet, she’ll be crying herself to sleep. She knew she can bag the title when she was included in the Top5, but didn’t really expect the onrush of pressure that somehow clouded her reasoning ability so she can answer the question correctly and might have elaborated her reply more.

Lesson for the day – Anything can happen, even the unexpected.

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  1. Venus Raj Lost the Chance to be Ms. Universe http://goo.gl/fb/Qldvr

  2. A lot of people are saying she lost because of her saying “major major”, which is kinda funny, if you ask me. First of all, she didn’t say “major major” in Melai’s (of Melason) or Pinoy accent. She was supposed to say “major problem” but instead repeated the word major. I don’t know why they’re fussing over it.

    Anyway, I agree, she didn’t answer the question. That’s one of the big mistakes beauty pageant contestants do. They avoid the question so they’d look positive or good. And, I agree. I don’t believe she, especially at her age of 22, wouldn’t have any mistake in life that she can relate to the judges during the Q&A. She was just nervous. Sayang, I liked her accent pa naman.

    But, Lea Salonga pointed out on Twitter na we should use the interpreter next time. I agree with her because I believe our contestants can answer better in our own language. Look at Mexico, Venezuela, China, Japan, etc. They all use an interpreter and they usually end up winning.

    Hayyy… By the way, Dyan Castilejo is supposed to ask her that question again just to see how she would’ve answered if she wasn’t nervous or on stage. I wonder what her answer would be.

  3. Saka nga pala, they should always anticipate the kind of questions the judges ask. At least top 5 sya. Still proud of her.

  4. Some people when nervous, stutter, some repeats what they say and some totally forgot what they wanted to say. I’m just glad she didn’t stutter nor just stood there and didn’t say anything. I hope people will realize that she (and the Philippines) was one of the Top 5 and that alone is a sort of trophy for us. We should be proud of her even though she didn’t bag the crown.

    I think the reason why we’re not using an interpreter is because we can understand and speak the English language well than the other countries like Mexico. Ironically, when nervousness sets in, that’s where the problem begins. BUT, if our candidates are trained under pressure, I guess we can expect a much better result..

    Oh, I hope when Dyan asks her, she better be prepared with the right answer, or else, people will think that she really didn’t understand the question nor was she nervous at that time..
    Thanks Mhel 🙂

  5. eh papano kung talagang wala siyang major mistake, di niya talaga masagot yun… the way I look at it.. nervous or not she delivered it well… my first time here.. dropping by…

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