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Learning ABCs

We bought our almost 3 year old son a set of Alphabets and Numbers puzzle the last time we went to the mall. We have been observing him when watching educational tv shows and has been showing signs of interest in letters and numbers for some time now. We noted that he’s been echoing the words and sentences and highly excited when his favorite shows are on.

Actually, just barely 6 month old, we already started with some educational paraphernalia, not pushing him into learning so much to avoid information overload,lol.. But as expected with babies, they learn fast and yearning for more. At 9 months, we couldn’t stop him from talking, though more of baby talk, and dancing til he drop wasted on the floor. Not only that, he sings a lot and mind you, in perfect tune too! Up to today, his fave past time is singing and this time, sentences were formed and with actions and emotions,lol!

Back to the puzzle.. Since, just the letters and numbers, doesn’t impress him anymore, we decided to buy the puzzle. Another great way to hone his mind, eye hand coordination, and sequencing. We’re so glad we saw this particular set because it’s perfect! Here’s a few shots I took yesterday..pardon my amateurish photos, an iphone isn’t that great at taking moving subjects,lol..

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This is a great way to spend quality time with your kids. Putting together the puzzles accordingly while teaching your kid the basics.

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    Just like kuya Arden, gifted and talented! Zeekee needs a haircut here.

    1. Already got a haircut today, Kuya πŸ™‚

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