Do you have kids who are sickly and it seems that a month doesn’t pass by without them getting sick? Now that the rainy season is bashing us with typhoons and monsoon rains here and there, have you already done the necessary, that is to arm your children with the right protection?

I’m talking about giving them vitamins and minerals supplements according to their ages. Rainy Season Protection for Your Kids is essential and even the whole year round. Some kids are more resilient when their bodies are attacked by common viruses, but we all know there are those who doesn’t bounce back that fast.

As a parent, you may have already heard the saying that “an ounce of prevention is better than cure”. This is so true and has been proven time and time again. Why sacrifice the health of the whole family especially our children when we can do something to prevent sicknesses and diseases that can be easily warded off even before it starts?

My kids had been very sickly the past years and were easily down and out with the common viruses because their immune systems were weak. They also have mild asthma so extra supplementary protection is of utmost importance.

Gee, the first 2 quarters of last year was the worst and both were hospitalized twice just because of high fevers due to upper respiratory viral infections. They were also drinking daily supplements but the brands I used simply weren’t that good enough to fight the viruses off.


So, you bet I did several researches and before 2012 ended, I was one uber prepared momma plus found the right brands for them.

So happy that since the wet season started this year, which is the most sickly season for my kids, they haven’t experienced common coughs and colds unlike other kids in their schools. Plus, they are more active and doesn’t seem to feel physical or mental tiredness and stress after a long day in school. Both kids still have energy to goof around after dinner whereas before they would be easily irritated because of exhaustion and lack of proper sleep and rest.

My secret? Unilab Products – a top pharmaceutical company in the Philippines! And to give you more enlightenment, here is another review I did last year for several other products from them – please visit Family Health and Wellness.

I’m one paranoid mom when it comes to the health and safety of my kids and I don’t think there’s any harm in trying to keep them that way. Besides, who would like spending thousands of hard earned money in hospital bills, right? So, make your choice now!

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