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Domex Marks 3 Million Clean Toilets Milestone in 2016

Mommies out there, do you hate cleaning toilets? Honestly, I do! It’s time-consuming, backbreaking, and let’s not forget the asthma-causing smell of strong chemicals just to make our toilets squeaky and sparkling clean. But then clean ain’t enough and it doesn’t mean that bacteria or germs are gone. You just don’t see it, but they’re thriving in one unreachable spot, which sad to say, you missed and slowly spreading again to areas you’ve already cleaned. Why? That’s because, strong doesn’t necessarily mean effective.

Don’t let your kids miss school coz they contracted disease causing germs in your own toilet! Why suffer, waste time when you can cut the work in half? Don’t risk the health of your family, use the germ kill expert – Domex!

Domex Germ Kill Expert World Toilet Day #1MCleanToilets

Last November 19 was World Toilet Day, a United Nations day of observance of the global sanitation crisis. Toilet sanitation is a topic that is not often discussed, but as germ experts, Domex leads the cause for clean toilets in the country.

In the developing world, 443 million days of school are missed because of diseases caused by germs found in unsanitary toilets — that is equivalent to 1 month of school missed by every child in the Philippines. Maria Luisa Orezca President of the Philippine Public Health Association said, “The issue of toilet sanitation in our country is important. There are several germs found in toilets that cause sicknesses.”

Domex Germ Kill Expert World Toilet Day #1MCleanToilets

The PPHA president cites that examples of such germs are fungi, which causes skin diseases, gram negative bacteria, which causes diarrhea, and myco bacteria, which is the cause of tuberculosis.”

Committed to raising hygiene standards, in the last three years Domex has participated in the One Million Clean Toilets project where they pledge to educate 1 million people on proper toilet sanitation every year. This year marks their three million milestone.

Domex Germ Kill Expert World Toilet Day #1MCleanToilets

“We are very passionate about our mission to fight disease. And we continue to our pledge of clean toilets through our partnerships with the Philippine Public Health Association, Maxicare, and UNICEF” said Domex Brand Manager Patricia Deyto-Santos.

This year, Domex looks at an area literally closer to home. Domex wants to emphasize that you can lead the change for clean toilets, because after all proper sanitation practices starts at home.

Domex Germ Kill Expert World Toilet Day #1MCleanToilets

It is a common misconception that a toilet that smells nice and looks sparkling-clean is enough. However, a spotless toilet does not guarantee that it is germ-free.

Domex’s Research and Development Manager Amor Montefalcon-Prieto says “In order to stay 99.9% germ free it is essential to use a specialized toilet cleaner that not only cleanses but kills germs. “Consumers might be content with using thin bleach and laundry detergent. While they may clean the toilet, they do not kill germs thoroughly.”

Watch the actual short video of Domex The Germ Killer Expert in Action!

Domex works in a way that has triple action because it thoroughly cleanses, has effective contact time and has far reach. Domex kills a wide range of germs such as various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Because it is 5 times thicker than thin laundry bleach, it also lasts up to seven flushes, while thin bleach lasts only for two. In addition, Domex is also able to access hard-to-reach areas inside your toilet.

It is the firm advocacy of Domex that everything, including proper sanitation, starts at home. By working actively with households PPHA, Maxicare, and UNICEF Domex helps spread awareness on the sanitation issue in our country.

Begin proper cleanliness in your home by joining the #1MCleanToilets movement. Visit Domex Philippines’ Facebook page for more information.

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