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Just a quick post here. As I continuously tweak this blog, I find it a little easier to start this new passion of mine. I have been with WordPress for just more than two months and I at least don’t have to grope in the dark. Constantly blogging for almost a year now and I must say that I haven’t lost the spark..yet.. *lol* Oh, I hope not, because I love to write.

Even during my younger days, I have accumulated many written thoughts about life in general and of course, my personal journey will never be forgotten. I only stopped writing when I got busy with married life and kids. As years passed by, those thoughts constantly urged me to try and write again.

Now, that this blog is slowly materializing, I have plenty of things to write about and share. I just hope that eventually, there will be more readers and followers just like in my other blog.

I’m adding a few changes each day. The header will do for the time being, as I have mentioned on my Welcome post, I’m still awaiting the design from Leslie. It would be pointless to put in a lot of effort as this blog will change it’s theme soon.

For now, I would just have to work on having this blog be recognized in the blogosphere. Since the next Google update is just around the corner, I guess, I don’t have enough time to earn a ranking. I’ll just concentrate on creating backlinks.

Ok. That’s it for now. Hope to gain more readers as this blog progressed.

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