This wasn’t planned.. not at all.. But since I need to create more blogs this 2011, so I thought, why not buy additional domain names while the coupon discount at GoDaddy is still available?

So, last December, I went on a shopping spree, for domain names and not clothes and bags which are my weakness in terms of shopping for Bought 3 new lovely names which are as follows:

The first one, I don’t exactly know yet what to do with it,lol.. The second is allocated for all my Virtual Assistant tutorials/tips/proof of payments etc. The third one, is for my high school website which I’ll be also handling simply because I am perpetually online and the President of the batch.

Gosh! That would be 6 blogs to take care of, plus the full time and sideline VA jobs, plus paid posting. Oh and let’s not forget, I’m a work at home mom, so that would include house chores and taking care of the whole family. Hubby might be going back to work this February and I have no house help, so that leaves me with all things to take care of and get all jobs done every single day! I might need to drink Bodybuilding Supplements and lots of vitamins so I can do all that!

Anyway, I like it! Sounds sadistic eh? Well, not really. I’m not exactly punishing myself to gain self fulfillment and happiness. Ever since I was young, I like it that way. I guess I was born this way. But less the cramming, I hope.. But sometimes, I can’t help it.. So many things to do and so little time..

Well, I wanted to stay home and home I stayed for more than 12 years now. My life got a little push last 2008 when I turned to the internet for some peace, solace and knowledge. It was the thought of me being ignorant with what’s happening in the world and my mind slowly drifting away into illiteracy, that got me so scared.. Well, illiterate may not be the appropriate word to use, but that will happen if you don’t have anybody to talk to at home (all day long), your eyes are always glued to the tv (watching endless teleseryes and Barney), reading fiction novels and a couch potato. I had a helper those days so I didn’t worry about the house chores.

Anyway,  though we had several businesses, it wasn’t enough for me. I had to go out! Even just mentally and intellectually but not physically go out of my shell.. So, here I am now.. Still consuming the vast knowledge in the internet and earning online. I hope to level up this year and so I’m starting a new page in my online life.

I have to move one notch higher from where I am now. I need this so I could grow personally. I can’t just sit here doing the same things for more than 5 years. I need to evolve and I badly need change. If change is slowly moving towards me, I’d run to meet it more than half way just to achieve my goals….

2011 here I come! 🙂

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