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Are Self-Service Kiosks the Future of the Restaurant Industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered many everyday experiences, including dining in restaurants. Before, people often chose where they would dine depending on what they wanted to eat, the ambiance offered by the location, and their budget, among other practical and personal needs. 

Fearing the spread of viral diseases, however, people became more conscious of whether or not their choice of the restaurant followed improved sanitation practices and allowed social distancing during the pandemic. These continue to be prominent customer concerns today, even after the world has acclimatized to life with COVID-19.

Among the many tools that restaurateurs embraced to cope with the ongoing changes brought about by the pandemic is the use of self-service kiosks. Each of these kiosks functions as a point of sale system (POS) that customers can use to place and pay for their orders without needing to interact with any of the restaurant’s staff or other customers. 

If you’re a restaurateur yourself, you may have seen these kiosks in use in other establishments, and you’re probably thinking about whether or not to purchase some for your own business. Is a self-service kiosk worth adding to your inventory of tools, and how it can pay for itself in the future? Let’s find out below. 

How Can Self-Service Kiosks Help You Future-Proof Your Restaurant?

They’ll Allow Your Restaurant to Emphasize Safety

Purchasing a self-service kiosk is no doubt an investment, but there are many advantages to doing so. 

For one, the presence of such a tool helps your restaurant create an image and ambiance of safety, especially in a post-pandemic world. 

Enabling customers to place their orders independently in a space that’s exclusively for their use can reinforce the feeling of protection against possible vectors of diseases. Such a setup can earn the favor and loyalty of customers who are especially concerned about hygiene and sanitation. It can also help you keep your restaurant prepared for similar outbreaks that can take place in the future. 

They’ll Allow Customers to Order at Their Own Pace

Self-service kiosks also offer plenty of opportunities for advertising your restaurant’s best and most popular dishes. This can be done by prominently displaying these items on the user interface and letting customers order on their own. Such a setup will make it much easier for your business to persuade diners to buy more expensive items without any intervention or feeling any external pressure from your staff members. 


Because diners are doing these activities at their own pace, there’s no need for them to feel hurried to place their order or join a long queue at the counter. They can place their orders on their own time and enjoy a consistently relaxed experience in your restaurant. 

They’ll Help Maximize Staff Productivity

Employing self-service kiosks also makes perfect business sense. These tools can take over some of the routine tasks that need not necessarily be carried out by your staff members, such as taking your customers’ orders. 

This can help you address labor shortage issues as well as reduce your employees’ workload. The self-service kiosks can free up their time and energy to level up the personalized services that they offer diners, thus allowing your business to develop a more profound relationship with its customers and increase its opportunities to offer positive and memorable customer experiences. 

Such encounters can help improve brand recall and yield your business a greater number of returning customers who will continue to enjoy its food and services in the coming years.

They’ll Make Transactions More Efficient and Orderly

In addition to all these, self-service kiosks can serve an integral role in keeping a perfect record of your restaurant’s transactions. Utilizing this tool to take orders and receive payments can reduce instances of human error and customer dissatisfaction. It can also make it much easier for restaurant managers to keep verifiable records of the restaurant’s various activities throughout the day and reconcile the said information with the actual earnings of the establishment. 

The use of this tool can have a significant positive impact on the customer- and non-customer-facing tasks in your restaurant and impact the trajectory of your business. 

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Final Words: Self-Service Kiosks in the Philippines

Whether it’s immediate to you or not as a restaurateur, self-service kiosks are slowly gaining ground in future-ready restaurants. These tools not only improve a restaurant’s resilience against pandemics, but they also offer operational and business advantages to companies in the industry. The kiosks are also becoming more familiar to mainstream markets, and many customers are already used to fast-food restaurants using these tools to offer faster and better services. 

Adopting self-service kiosks in your restaurants today will allow your business to experience all their benefits, as well as set your establishment apart from its competitors in a good way. Self-service kiosks may attract Filipino customers now due to the novelty of the technology and the experience of independently placing orders, but they’re also bound to become a common feature of future-ready restaurants. 

Now’s as good a time as any to look into how this technology will help your business grow and be better prepared to respond to the needs of your current and future customers. Consider learning more about them and finding a tech partner who can help you put them up in your restaurants.

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