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Celebrating the Extraordinary Power of Fatherhood

Fathers play a critical role in shaping the lives of their children, teaching them both values and life skills. Modern fathers are much more involved in their children’s lives than ever before, not just as providers but also by offering emotional support and guidance to their families. 

At Kenvue Philippines, we understand that fatherhood is a meaningful experience, with many dads embracing their unique role and journeys of creating a nurturing environment where their children can thrive and grow into confident individuals. 

Recognizing the diversity of fatherhood

Jeg Garcia with a 3-month-old daughter, Lexi.

At Kenvue, we understand that fatherhood comes in various forms. Some dads are experiencing the joy of having a newborn and navigating the challenges of being a first-time dad. “The moment my baby smiled back at me for the first time was priceless. It reminded me of how meaningful simple connections can be. Being a father has made me appreciate the truly important things in life–it has taught me to reflect and prioritize,” says Jeg Garcia, senior business development manager of Kenvue Philippines.

Glenn Mutuc, Jr. (extreme right) with family. 

On the other hand, dads who have more than one child have to strive to demonstrate their care while creating a nurturing and secure environment for their entire family. “There are moments when my children look to me for support and presence, whether attending their school activities, assisting with their assignments, or offering guidance for important decisions. These are my responsibilities as a parent and also strengthen the bonds with my children. That’s why I make it a point to be present and participate wholeheartedly, and I cherish every moment,” says Glenn Mutuc, Jr., North Luzon – North GMA field execution manager of Kenvue Philippines.

Nill Arroyo flanked by his two daughters at a recent family trip.

Meanwhile, some dads selflessly care for children with special needs, displaying immense strength, patience, and love in every aspect of their child’s development.  “When I first learned that my second child would have Down Syndrome, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain as a father. I didn’t know what to do or what the future would bring for my daughter. It was a challenging journey that tested my strength and faith. During that time, I learned the importance of being a stable and supportive figure for my family,” says Nill Patrick Arroyo, General Trade and Resellers associate director of Kenvue Philippines.

Balancing fatherhood and work

Many dads navigate the delicate balance between family responsibilities and professional growth. While work plays a vital role in providing for the family, dads like Nill believe that it should never hinder one’s ability to be fully present and engaged in witnessing their child’s special moments and milestones. 

For Jeg, a first-time dad involved in parenting, the work flexibility Kenvue provides is vital in helping him in his fatherhood journey. “Both the company and my work team have wholeheartedly supported me in prioritizing time with my family, especially during the initial months of this new phase. Even upon my return to work, my team continues to offer that flexibility, particularly when unexpected family matters require my immediate attention.”

Nill Arroyo and the team at a trade check.

Fathers bring their unique experiences to the workplace, influencing how they approach their work and enabling them to contribute in unique ways. “Becoming a father to a child with special needs has influenced my perspective on life and my approach to leadership–it made me more empathic towards the unique needs of my team and customers; it helped me develop strong problem-solving abilities that helped me navigate challenging situations; and it ignited a strong desire within me to make a meaningful impact through our work at Kenvue,” shares Arroyo.

Creating a supportive workplace for dads

To ensure the well-being and success of employees in both their personal and professional lives, Kenvue believes that offering them the necessary support is crucial. 

“Kenvue truly stands out in its support for fathers like myself. I know that my family’s healthcare needs are covered with comprehensive medical benefits. Kenvue also provides educational assistance and a health care account for outpatient needs, prioritizing our well-being. Moreover, the company’s parental leave and flexible work arrangements empower parents to participate in their children’s lives actively. These policies enable me to be a hands-on parent and fully participate in the significant milestones of my child’s life,” shares Glenn.

And with parents becoming more involved in their child’s development, dads like Jeg “look forward to leveraging Kenvue’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in childcare to enable parents to provide the best care and development for their children.” The company also offers fathers up to 12 weeks of parental leave to give them more time to care for their newborns, allowing them to strengthen their family relationships.

As Kenvue Philippines celebrates fathers this June, we honor the extraordinary power of fatherhood in all its forms.

Regardless of their circumstances, every father is a mentor, role model, and source of unwavering support for their children. At Kenvue, we understand the influence of fathers in shaping their children’s lives through guidance and care, and we are committed to providing them with support in the workplace.
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