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How to Choose the Right Treats for your Dog

Pet owners are responsible for providing what is only good for their pets. Especially if it’s about food and treats, it is first necessary to consider varying factors before letting them consume some. This is because how and what they eat can affect their physical and mental conditions, even behavior. 

That said, looking closely at what your dogs take and eat will ensure they only get what’s best for them. A good pet owner would want to give their dogs a treat that could be detrimental to their health.

As treats are considered good for dogs, it is vital to provide them with some delicious and healthy treats once in a while. Treats can be a great reinforcement and reward for dogs undergoing training for discipline and better pet-to-owner connection. But how do you choose the right treats for your dog? Here are some ways you can follow.

Check the Label

Different treats undergo different processes and ingredients to produce. One effective way to choose the right dog treat is by checking the label. This is one crucial step, as some may contain harmful additives or preservatives that are not good for your dog. Things you should check on the label include the following:

  • Product Name. The product’s name will give you an overview of at least 95% of the main ingredient used in a treat. These include names like “Chicken Dog Treats,” “Lamb Ears Treats,” “Salmon Dog Food,” and many others. This will help you better choose a treat that can be a great source of particular nutrients for your dog.
  • Ingredients. All the ingredients used are commonly listed individually from highest to lowest weight. That said, the first on the ingredient list has the highest proportion used during production. There you can see the actual proportion and percentage of the ingredients used, including byproducts like liver, blood, bones, brain, etc., if there are any.
  • Feeding Direction. The feeding direction simply indicates how many treats you should give your dog. Aside from that, you’ll also most likely find the expiration dates to ensure you only give treats in the best quality and condition to your dog.

Checking the label before purchasing any treats for your dog will help you find the right and safest option available in the market today. If you are on the hunt for safe, nutritious, and long-lasting treats, Vitapet treats offer a wide range of options you can easily buy online. 

Size and Texture Matters

Just like humans, dogs also have preferences. When choosing the right treats for your dogs, you must consider the treat’s size and texture. Especially during training, you can surely opt for small dog treats if you have smaller dogs. This is because they may find it challenging to chew bigger treats. 

Vitapet Treats

While larger dogs can still have smaller bits of treats, as long as they don’t end up swallowing it without chewing. The varying options of dog treats will enable you to choose the appropriate sizes for your dog easily. In terms of texture, you can choose either of these options:

  • Crunchy. Crunchy dog treats can come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Although these treats may require some time to consume, they can be an enjoyable experience for your pet dogs. 
  • Soft and Chewy. You can try soft and chewy treats if you prefer to give your dog treats with higher moisture content. Soft treats are easier to break, while the chewiness adds more texture your dogs can enjoy.
  • Dehydrated. Dehydrated dog treats are mostly appetizing for dogs. Dehydrated meat treats, like jerky, are commonly all-protein. But if you want to go all in with natural ingredients, you can also try dehydrated fruits and vegetables for your dog.
  • Long Chews. Long chews are great alternatives for real bones. They are easier to digest and are commonly made from plants. Aside from that, these treats can also be helpful to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, as long-lasting chew treats help remove dirt, like plaque, while they chew.

Know What To Avoid

Aside from looking at factors you can consider to get the right treats for your dog, knowing what to avoid can also help you in the process. It is given that one thing to avoid is sugar. Make sure that the treats do not include any sweets, or if it does have, common alternatives like honey are used. 

Moreover, chemical additives like artificial colors and preservatives are also a no. Chemical additions to dog treats can negatively impact their skin, coat, and metabolism, leading to more severe health conditions.


Choosing and finding the right dog treats can be challenging and time-consuming without proper knowledge about things to consider. Thus, applying varying ways can help ensure that your dog only gets appropriate and healthy treats. Thoroughly checking the options will enable us to successfully achieve benefits for a healthy growing pooch.

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