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10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Mattress

American households spend more bucks buying beds and mattresses than any other furniture item. And why not? A good night’s sleep makes all the difference in how we feel and how productive we are the following day.

So, picking the right mattress should be one of the first steps you take toward improving your home. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start and what kind of mattress to get. 

Keep these 10 things in mind to find your perfect mattress and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep every night. 

  1. Understand Different Mattress Materials

You may not know it, but mattresses come in different forms and materials. Before you decide to buy a mattress, make sure to learn about all types of materials they are constructed with. Some common types and materials are listed below: 

  • Air Mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Memory Foams
  • Latex Beds
  • Hybrid Mattresses (combination of memory foam and innerspring)
  • Waterbeds

All these types differ in firmness and comfort level they provide. So, choose according to your preferences. 

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress

  1. Find the Right Size

If you are feeling uncomfortable with your narrow mattress, it’s time to invest in a more spacious and wider mattress. There are varieties available in mattress sizes, and each one is designed for specific dimensions. 

A twin or twin XL is spacious enough for one person. But as mentioned above, if you are not comfortable with it, you can switch to a full or queen size. A queen size can be a bit large for one person, but it’s awesome if you need extra space. 

For couples and two persons, the California king-size mattress is considered good. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Try it Out

If you are visiting the stores to buy a mattress, we recommend you browse through all the mattresses to find the one that is the most suitable for you. Also, don’t forget to test the mattresses by lying and sitting down on a few. 

It will enable you to test the comfort and strength of each mattress. Don’t feel shy or uncomfortable while trying them out. It’s your purchase, so take the time to make it worthy. 

  1. Firmness Labels are not Always Accurate

When checking the size and firmness of mattresses, don’t fall for firmness labels claiming extra firmness. Different companies and brands have their own levels of firmness and softness. The extra firm mattress of one brand may be equivalent to another brand’s medium firm. 

So, before trusting the labels, make sure to browse through multiple stores and brands. You should also consider your health conditions and personal preferences while choosing the firmness of the mattress. 

Puffy Mattress

  1. Firm Mattresses aren’t Always the Best

You may have heard that a firm mattress is good for sleep and spine health. But some research has shown that an extra firm mattress is not always the best. The most suitable mattress for spine health and lower back pain is a medium-firm mattress. 

The comfort level of a mattress may also depend on your personal preferences. Some people find comfort in the least firm mattress, while for others, the extra firm is the way to go. 

  1. Read Reviews from Customers

If you are going to buy mattresses online, make sure to check the credibility of the retailer and the reviews provided by customers. Most online platforms are crowded with gimmicks claiming the best-quality mattresses. Don’t fall for that. 

Moreover, it is best always to choose the cash-on-delivery option. This way, you will only pay the bill if the mattress is according to your preferences and as advertised online. 

  1. Decide Your Budget

Deciding on a budget will help you find the right product while sticking to a price. Before heading to the market, choose a budget that is suitable for you and find the mattresses that fall within that price range. 

Renowned brands offer quality and value at higher prices. What you have to look for is quality within the minimum price range. 

  1. Don’t Rush 

Have you ever heard, “Haste makes waste”? You will spend a considerable amount of money buying a mattress. So, take your time and choose the best product out there. Don’t rush and aim to find the preferred mattress in a single market visit. 

If you want to buy the right thing for the right price, you may need to visit the market more than once. Also, ask your friends and family members for any good recommendations that can help you invest in good quality. 

Puffy Lux Mattress

  1. Choose According to Your Health Conditions

Mattresses play an important role in defining your body posture. Most people have some health conditions related to the neck or back. These people can have difficulty sleeping on extra firm and softer mattresses. 

If you also have any of these conditions, make sure to consult your doctor and ask for any recommendations he/she can put your way. To promote your spine health, it is recommended to lay down with your lower back and neck in a neutral position. 

  1.  Check Warranty

Yes, there is a warranty for certain mattress brands. Generally, mattresses come with a 10 to 20-year warranty based on the brand you are buying from. This warranty is in the form of full replacement or non-prorated.  

So, before you pay for a mattress, make sure to check its warranty duration. Buy from the brands that offer a maximum warranty with full replacement. 

Bonus: Remember that Higher Price Won’t Promise Higher Quality

You may be thinking that buying a costly mattress will get you good quality, but you can be wrong. Not all expensive mattresses guarantee good value. Sometimes, you can get a high-quality mattress by paying less money. 

All you have to do is set a budget and thoroughly browse through the market. This way, you will get good quality at an economical price. Remember that you are going to invest a good amount of money in the mattress. So, make sure to research according to your preferences and the available mattress materials. 

The tips mentioned above can help you look in the right direction when making a final decision on buying a mattress. You will be spending most time of the day on your bed, so think rationally before investing in your comfort and well-being. Good luck with your mattress shopping spree!

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