Benefits of Standing Desks

Are there Physical Benefits to Using a Standing Desk?

Sitting too much is not recommended because it is unhealthy. While seated, you don’t burn calories, which comes with many risks like diabetes, obesity, Heart disease, etc. Most office workers are affected by these problems since most of their time is spent behind desks. Fortunately, a standing desk is a solution to consider.

A standing desk is a desk that allows you to stand while you work. These desks are modern and comfortable. They are also adjustable, either electronically or manually. You can adjust to your height. 

Now that you know what it is, below are some benefits of using a standing desk

1. Reduced risk of weight gain and obesity

Do standing desks help lose weight? 

The simple answer is yes. Standing can lower your chances of gaining weight. 

You gain weight by taking in more calories than you burn every day. Sitting down means you don’t burn a lot of calories, so you’ll end up gaining weight. Standing desks help because If you stand for at least three hours a day, you can burn up to thirty thousand calories.

2. Standing can cause lower back pain

 As humans, we are not supposed to sit for long periods. Sadly, sitting is what happens in offices. For this reason, four out of five grownups complain of back pain constantly.

 Contrary to what most people believe, standing can reduce your back pain significantly. If you stand for just an hour in your work schedule, you will reduce your risk of getting back pains.

Back pain

3. Improved posture and toned muscles

 It’s no secret that you use more muscles while standing than when you’re seated. This act alone can strengthen your legs, foot, ankle, and core muscles. You have to stand properly, though, because slouching while standing can cause more harm than good.

For a good posture, do the following: Stand straight, push back your shoulder, hold your head high.

4. Standing can boost moods and energy

Anxiety and depression have been linked to sitting down. Studies have shown that people who use standing desks have better moods than those who sit entirely. Standing also means you get to interact with your officemates easily, which boosts your energy levels and social skills.

5. Reduced blood sugar levels

Any activity you can do to reduce your blood sugar levels is good for your health. It is healthy if you replace sitting with standing, walking, and jogging. Especially after having lunch.

6. Reduced risk of heart disease

Benefits of Standing Desks

There is no movement while sitting. While sitting, blood flows slowly, and fatty acids build up in the blood vessels. This can result in heart disease. Standing means movement, so it’s better to have a standing desk.

7. Standing can reduce your risk of cancer

Endometrial, colon, and lung cancer can be caused by extended periods of leisure sitting. Since Screen time is a huge part of our modern world. You have to find opportunities where you can stand at least a few hours a day.


Standing at your workplace is more of a lifestyle choice. Many activities in our modern world are done while sitting down, and this gives very little time for one to exercise. Opt for a standing desk for its many physical benefits. 

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