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RTOPR Skincare and Haircare Products up to 80% Off on Shopee Beauty!

Skincare and hair care are two important things for women, especially. I do my skincare regimen religiously and take care of my tresses as if it’s my crown. Having bad hair days are common but it doesn’t have to be always, so better look for products that can nourish and revitalise your hair. Having a skincare routine is also a must because it can definitely and proven to delay the signs of aging plus make your skin glow naturally.

So, to give you more options about skincare and hair care solutions, read on, be informed, add to cart and check out!

I’ve recently discovered this RTOPR skincare and haircare brand on Shopee and was excited because of the up to 80% off on Shopee Beauty! I’ve seen this in Amazon site and found also great reviews, so it’s worth a try. But of course and as I always say, do an allergy test first, and what works for me might not work for you.

Anyway, check out the info below and if you want to try something, go buy it and test if it’s effective on you.

RtopR Herbal Hair Growth Thick Essential Oil

RtopR Hair Growth Essence

Are you suffering from hair loss, hair fall or it’s too slow to grow in length? You can check out this RtopR Herbal Hair Growth Thick Essential Oil!

Rich in a variety of herbal flowers essence oil, emitting pleasant flowers. Promotes hair growth, deepens hair follicles, improves hair loss, and repairs dry, rough hair. At the same time, keeps the hair soft and smooth.

It’s an essential oil so you need to put a few drops on your palm and massage it on your scalp and hair for best results.

RtopR Repair Remove Scar Cream

Repair Remove Scar Cream

Do you have that huge scar that you want to be removed because it’s unsightly? Are you tired of covering it up but to no avail? See if this RtopR Repair Remove Scar Cream can help solve your long-time problem!

It’s an anti-scar removal treatment that can accelerate the regeneration of cells, making it effective in treating scars left by trauma and burns. Contains a variety of plants fruit oil essence needed for the skin. It is able to accelerate the generation of collagen , so as to repair the broken collagen elastic fibers caused by aging, to achieve the effect of scar removal.

Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Serum

RtopR Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Serum

Hyaluronic Acid has been known to many skincare enthusiasts as one of the holy grail products. When used properly, it can result to a younger-looking, glowing and fresh face. It can help minimize or remove fine lines, wrinkles, boost collagen production, tightens skin, and many age-defying results.

Moroccan Hair Essential

RtopR Moroccan Hair Essential

Suffering from dry, frizzy hair, unmanageable and split-ends? Well, Moroccan oil has been know to give hair that much-needed boost!

This RtopR Moroccan Hair Essential contains nut extract which has been subjected to the world’s advanced extraction technology to effectively resist dry, dehydrated and inelastic hair.

It concentrates on repairing the damaged ends of the hair ends,instantly smoothing the hair. At the same time, it provides full nutrition for hair roots, making the hair stronger, lustrous and soft. Achieve the effect of preventing hair loss and promoting the growth of hair.

So, there you go! New skincare and hair care essentials from RTOPR. You can just click the photos to go to your desired product and to see the complete details or you can head over to RtopR Offical Store here – https://shp.ee/u5tiszz

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