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5 Things I Love About Classic Games Online

Now that most people are spending more time indoors, online entertainment has become increasingly popular. Although there are lots of new ways to have fun on the web, classic games online have never lost their appeal. There are still a wide variety of classic card games like solitaire and mahjong as well as arcade games that you can play for free online. One might wonder how games that seem benign are able to sustain people’s interest for generations now. I don’t know about the others but here are some of the things that I love about it.

Fun but not addictive. Classic games online like solitaire, mahjong, and bingo stemmed from games that have been around for centuries. The fact that it lasted this long is a testament to how enjoyable these games are. They are great pass-time activities to do by yourself, or you can challenge other players for high scores to add some excitement to the game. Although it’s fun and you can even play it for hours, you don’t have to worry about getting addicted to it unlike some of the video games online.


Simple yet challenging. Game rules for classic games online are generally simple. In the case of solitaire, it’s just a matter of arranging or grouping cards, for mahjong, it’s matching the tiles, and arcade games usually involve matching 3 or shooting targets. These simple rules make it easy for anyone and everyone to enjoy these games. The challenge lies in competing against other players or yourself. These games are timed and you get high points for completing tasks in the shortest possible time. Three of the arcade games that we love are Zuma Ball, Zuma Legend, and Candy House.

Old games with a new twist. These classic games may be old but their online versions give them a new twist to adapt to modern times. For instance, the traditional mahjong from China has several versions online. These include the mahjong solitaire wherein tiles are removed from the set by making pairs. There’s also an American Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong, Ritchie Competition Mahjong, etc. My personal favorite is Cooking Mahjong wherein you remove tiles by matching the ingredients based on the recipes on the screen.


Universal Appeal. The variety and twists in these games along with ease of play and entertainment value make them appealing to people of all ages. Kids won’t even need a tutorial to figure out how to play any of these classic games online. For adults, it’s a fun and relaxing game that they can enjoy without demanding their full attention, and for the elderly, it’s a new way to enjoy a game that they grew up with.

Hidden benefits of the game. Online games have positive effects on people too. Aside from improving our mood, it can also help improve memory, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, etc. For instance, young kids can correlate the matching games of mahjong as well as the order and set arrangement of solitaire with their math lessons. Adults can keep their memory and eye-hand coordination sharp by playing both classic games and arcade games.

Video games and online gaming has captured the young market of today when it comes to online entertainment. But these classic games online remain to be a popular pass time tool for people of all ages.

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