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Four Findings Every Parent Should Know About Brain Development

Experts say that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of five, making this a crucial time to provide the best support possible. 

Here are four neuroscience findings every parent should know to enhance their child’s brain development throughout early childhood, especially during the first five years: 


Repetition and constant experiences help children practice and master a skill as it exhibits speed and advanced mental capabilities for his age. 

  • Encourage kids to do simple tasks, such as getting dressed, putting on shoes, brushing teeth, and washing their hands. Repetition and being intentional are key to helping them build confidence as they become smart and sharp. 

●    Let kids run around and allow them to be independent. It is important to foster kids’ growth and development with interactive fun experiences to give them a good foundation that allows them to be ahead of their game. 

Promil Gold Four

●    The experiences and stimulation we provide our children set the stage for emotional and cognitive development. Let them speak up and express themselves so that they can become articulate. Parents may foster a child’s development with nature. Provide hands-on experience playing with toys, encouraging sensory development by seeing and touching things around them. 


According to a Harvard study, “Children who develop warm, positive relationships with their kindergarten teachers are more excited about learning, more positive about coming to school, more self-confident, and achieve more in class.” 

●    Positive experiences go a long way, so try to avoid stressful situations. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and sometimes meltdowns happen when little ones are frustrated, but you can help them to learn to calm themselves down when they are upset by making them feel safe and help them find a quiet space to regain composure. Sometimes, what starts as a stressful situation can turn into a positive experience in which a child can learn lessons that last a lifetime. 

●    Parents are not perfect. There comes a time when we will break or misstep an emotional connection with our child, but this can be transformed to become a positive experience for your child. 

●    The process of ‘putting things right’ may strengthen our relationship with our children, helping them become trusting and resilient. For example, we can be cranky from work and yell at our children for spilling milk. We can mend the situation by saying, “I am so sorry I yelled at you. You tried getting a drink by yourself, right?” With this, they’ll be able to adapt to similar situations and turn them into positive ones. 


Promil Gold Four

During childhood, lack of nutrition can impact the learning process of a child and may result in them being less interested in learning. 

A child’s brain makes more than one million neural connections every second. It is busy forming connections that allow brain cells to communicate with one another. The faster the connections happen, the better it is for the child for long-term brain growth and development. 

Children need the right nutrients to help support the critical brain process. Without the right nutrition, this can also affect physical growth and maturation. It is even possible that they may not think properly if not given the right nutrition. 


Phospholipids are the critical fats in the brain called “intelligent fats”. Certain phospholipids play an essential role in myelination as it supports brain connections which are critical for learning and development. 

Promil Gold Four

There is a premium growing up milk that can provide the important nutrients crucial for brain development.  Promil Gold® Four has breakthrough ALPHA-LIPIDS, which contain the five major phospholipids crucial for brain development. It also contains DHA, AA, Choline, Lutein, Zinc, and Iron. 

Alpha-Lipids help speed up brain connections by up to 100x faster through myelination. It helps support the structure and functions important for brain connections and brain development. 

Hopefully, these neuroscience findings will help inform you and put you at ease regarding your child’s brain development throughout their early years. Remember: you are the best one suited for your child’s development to become advanced at his age. Your child’s brain is most flexible during the first five years, and it is the perfect time to invest in the best nutrition, education, and activities to keep your child ahead. 

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