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3 Most Effective Methods To Increase Humidity In Your Home

Humidity is generally not something you seek to increase in your home. After all, humidity means there will be more moisture to attract pests and it is more likely that your home will suffer from damp. Damp leads to mold which can be detrimental to your health.

However, if you want to keep plants at home you are going to need to think about the humidity levels as many plants enjoy high moisture levels.  The good news is that you can balance the environment in your home by purchasing quality house plants online and increasing moisture just in the area where the plants are. This will ensure they absorb the water and not your home.

Dry Your Clothes Inside

Instead of using a dryer or hanging your clothes outside, let them air dry in your house, near where your plants live. The drying process will increase the moisture in the air which is great for your plants.

Use A Humidifier

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Just as dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, humidifiers can add moisture to the air. They are very useful when you are looking after plants or you want to increase the humidity level to help keep your skin healthy.

A humidifier can be turned on naturally or set on a program, all you have to do is make sure it has enough water in it. The great thing about a humidifier is that you can set the humidity level, ensuring you have complete control over the room.

Misting Your Plants

If you only wish to increase moisture levels to keep your plants happy then you may find it’s enough to keep all the plants together and mist them daily. Covering their leaves regularly with a fine spray of water is generally enough to convince them they are in a high humidity environment.

Insulating Your Home

Indoor plants foli8 UK

Most plants that like high humidity are not clean on draughts. This gives you two reasons to improve the insulation in your home. The first is to prevent draughts and help you maintain a steady temperature. The second is to boost the humidity levels. Warm air holds moisture better than cool air, the more cool air you allow into your home the lower the humidity level.

By simply improving the insulation in your building you’ll find the humidity level increases.

The cheapest way to do this is to inspect the outside of your home and seal any gaps you can find. It will have the added benefit of keeping pests out.

Use Your Shower Water

When you shower you release a large quantity of warm moist air into the bathroom, generally referred to as steam. You can redirect this around your home by using a fan, helping to add humidity to the plants.

It is also possible to plug the shower drain as you finish showering and allow the water trapped in the shower tray to evaporate, increasing the humidity in your home. This will help to ensure your plants are happy and flourish.

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