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Change the Way You Soda with Sunkist Freshie

No such thing as “good soda?” Think again.

You can now enjoy the fizz and flavor of soda without the guilt!

Introducing Sunkist Freshie – a refreshing, caffeine-free carbonated drink with essential vitamins and minerals, but with no sugar added. 

Addressing health concerns about the long-standing reputation of soda as having an adverse impact on one’s health due to incredibly high amounts of sugar and empty calories, Asia Brewery Inc.’s brand new soda drink has no sugar added as it is naturally sweetened with Stevia and fruit juice.

Stevia is a plant-based sweetener regarded as a safe and healthy sugar substitute and is associated with health benefits such as reduced calorie intake, blood sugar and risk of cavities as well as regulated blood pressure.

In the Philippines, authorities continue to hold public information campaigns that highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness on sugar consumption, particularly of sugary drinks like soda, as one of the reasons for diabetes onset. Sunkist Freshie’s entry, however, offers a healthy alternative drink especially to those who love satisfying soda cravings.

Sunkist Freshie Asia Brewery Inc

Sunkist Freshie, as the “good soda,” contains Vitamin A that helps support immunity, Vitamin D, and Calcium to help build strong bones, Iodine and Vitamin B12  ingredients known to help increase energy levels, and Iron an ingredient that has been known to help improve memory.

It also comes in two exciting, non-traditional flavors: Yoghurt and Apple that both promise a delightful drink experience.

To complete the “good soda” experience, the brand is giving everyone an opportunity to take part in meaningful causes relevant to the times.

“Sunkist Freshie is the healthy drink of choice for soda-loving consumers. Now, more than ever, people are becoming more conscious of their health and wellness. With Sunkist Freshie as a ‘good soda,’ we’d like people to know that they can absolutely still make this carbonated drink very much a part of their healthy lifestyle while contributing something good to society,” Hubert Tan, senior vice president for Asia Brewery Inc., said.

Sunkist Freshie Asia Brewery Inc

With Sunkist Freshie, you can change the way you soda. 

Sunkist Freshie is available at a good, friendly SRP of P20 in Puregold, Ministop, Mercury Drug branches, and other leading supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores nationwide. You can even enjoy Sunkist Freshie with a low-calorie meal through Yummy Diet (

Enjoy the flavorful fizz, health benefits, and all the good things that come with drinking Sunkist Freshie #TheGoodSoda

Sunkist Freshie is a product of Asia Brewery, Inc. (ABI), the beverage arm of Lucio Tan-led LT Group Inc.

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    Wow sarap nito, so refreshing

  2. Nozid Faith says:

    Wow , ang galing naman nitong Sunkist Soda Mamu kasi ang healthy niya at No Added Sugar pa .Enjoying Soda without being guilty and concious .Ang sarap pa ng flavors niya Yoghurt and Apple , siksik pa sa vitamins na talaga namang kaylangan natin ngayong may pandemya 🙂

  3. Rosiel Bogñalos says:

    Wow healthy soda drinks, good news po eto sa mga ayaw masira Ang diet, aside from no added sugar it also contains vitamins and minerals..a must try..

  4. Lyka Mitra says:

    Mukhang ngaun lang naglabas ng bagong product si Sunkist.. ❤ at mukhang masarap po itong bagong labas nila at healthy din po kase Stevia ang andito hindi po yung sugar talaga kaya safe inumin..

  5. yanpaladquisol17 says:

    Nice naman healthy soda Hindi nakaka guilty ❤️

  6. sosingerica says:

    Wow mamu, finally meron na pong good soda for those who wants to drink soda. Sunkist Freshie we can enjoy the flavorful fizz, health benefits, and all the good things on drinking it.
    It’s available in puregold, ministop, Mercury Drug branches, and other leading supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores nationwide for only 20pesos.😊

  7. MA D EL says:

    Good to know po,hindi po kasi talaga ako mahiig sa mga soda,try ko po itng Sunfkist freshie

  8. David SancheznietteAnto says:

    Mukhang masarap tong bagong flavor nya mamu gusto ko matry makahanap nga po nito dito samin

  9. Rosebel S. De Vera says:

    Affordable din po ang price kaya ok to mamu.. tas ang galiiing kc no added sugar at healthy drinks pa po sya🤗❤️

  10. Criselda Benin says:

    Nice matry nga po, meron na po palang ganito😍

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