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Busy Nurse Coffee: Drinkers Testify Helps in Weight Loss

The friends of 23-year-old Mariyah Besiate of Bacnotan, La Union have been wondering how she has managed to lose weight and to keep her skin glowing. She attributes this to a product that she has been taking. 

Camille Del Rosario, 31, of Cabanatuan City also had the same thing to say about this same product. She has so far managed to lose 14 kilograms just by religiously drinking this product.

Multiple kidney stones, on the other hand, was the problem 47-year-old Helen Mejia of San Vicente, Agoo, La Union, had to deal with. She was told that she had to undergo laser lithotripsy. Since she did not have the money for the procedure, she startingthis product and after around six weeks, she was able to flush out her kidney stones. 

All three have been taking the Busy Nurse 20 in 1 Coffee Mix, probably the first slimming and whitening coffee mix in the market. It contains glutathione and collagen which helps achieve these two goals. It is the brainchild of Mary Rose Yap Zamora, an entrepreneur who is in the business of developing and selling beauty products.

Busy Nurse Coffee

“I super love Busy Nurse Coffee mix and because of this, I lost weight and my skin was glowing,” Besiate said. “I told my friends about the effects of this coffee on me and they were encouraged to drink it too.”

In addition to bringing down her weight from 68 kilos to 54 kilos, Del Rosario said she no longer experiences dysmenorrhea during her monthly period. “It really had a great effect on me,” she said.

Mejia resorted to herbal supplements and Busy Nurse coffee to deal with her kidney stones since she had just spent a large sum of money on the father’s angioplasty. While raising the sum needed for her laser procedure, she started to drink Busy Coffee.

After about six weeks of drinking the coffee, she was able to flush out all her stones when she had to go to the comfort room. “The stones started to come out one by one and after that, I was finally relieved of my symptoms.”

As its name implies, the coffee contains 20 ingredients. These ingredients are acai berries, aloe vera, coffee, collagen, grape seed, Green Tea, Goji Berry, Garcinia Cambogia, Inulin Fiber, Lemon, L- Carnitine, Mangosteen, Moringa, non dairy creamer, spirulina, senna leaves, stevia leaves, turmeric and vitamin C.

“When you bring all these ingredients together, Busy Nurse Coffee will help burn fat and boost your energy and metabolism,” Zamora said. “The product provides you with natural detoxification, is rich in anti-oxidants, and is useful in regulating bowel movement. That’s how beneficial this product is.”

Busy Nurse Coffee Mix

Vitamin C, for example, boosts your immunity and prevents iron deficiencies. Lemon, on the other hand, is a good antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body while L Carnitine is a metabolism booster that aids in weight loss.

“Where in the market can you see a product that combines the best qualities of 20 ingredients and comes up with a coffee that not only whitens your skin but also helps you lose weight?” Zamora said. “That is Busy Nurse Coffee for you.”

The product was introduced to the market in May 2019 and so far, it has almost 3,000 local and international distributors. In such a short span of time, it has already been able to reap a number of significant rewards for Zamora.

Among the awards it has received so far include the 14th Gawad Pilipino Outstanding Herbal Coffee of the Year; Golden Dragon Awards of Excellence for the “Most Trusted Herbal Coffee Mix Products Provider;” International Icon Awards for Business Leadership and Achievers for being the “Most Trusted Herbal Coffee Mix Provider;” Gawad America Awards for 2019 Most Outstanding Filipino in the Field of Online Entrepreneurship.”

The product has also been featured in the ABS CBN shows “My Puhunan” hosted by Karen Davila and “Swak na Swak Ang Good Vibes Show ng Bayan.” Korina Sanchez also had the opportunity to meet the brand through an online interview Zamora was also interviewed by Korina Sanchez. 

“These awards are a testament of the hard work that we put into the development of Busy Nurse Coffee,” Zamora said. “These awards also recognize the many benefits that our product has to offer and we would not get the attention of these very well respected journalists if it was not a good product.”

For more information and inquiries, please follow the official Facebook page of Busy Nurse Shopline Main and their youtube channel Busynurse Shopline Official.

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  1. yanpaladquisol says:

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    Mukhang gusto ko rin po ma try ito at ipa try din po sa partner ko po kase baka madaan din sa coffee na ito ang mga gallstones niya po. Ayaw niya po kase magpa opera or laser para mawala ang mga ito dahil takot kaya baka matulungan po siya nitong si Busy Nurse Coffee.

  3. irishlaurio says:

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  4. jennifer sarno cruz says:

    ang gañda naman ng benefit ng kape na to,thanks for sharing this.

  5. maxgabpantino says:

    wow ang galing nito 2 goals achieved in drinking 1 product plus factor na angdami niyang healthy ingredients, want to try this Mamu kaso safe po ba siya sa breastfeeding Moms? ang galing na 20 quality ingredients combined to create a coffee that suits our goals without hassle

  6. cherry ann saavedra says:

    Wow love ko yan ma, coffee lover here plus dami pang benefits niyan. ❤️

  7. Eloisa Gatchy says:

    Wow! Nice naman po nitong coffee mamu 20 ingredients in 1 product lang. Ang bongga nito nakaka glowing ng skin and weight loss. Gusto ko din po ma try yan I’m a coffee lover pa naman po 😍💜

  8. Laarni Tarray says:

    Wow 20 in 1, daming benefits ng Busy Nurse Coffee, nakakaSlim at the same time nakakaputi rin, Tamang tama sa mga coffee lover na tulad ko na nangangarap maglose ang weight at gustong pumuti 🥰😍 I will try this 💛💚

  9. kielnicole says:

    . very useful naman po nito lalo na sa mga nagddiet . 💜

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