Grolier Keymatic with workbooks

Grolier Keymatic with Workbooks – Automatic Recall of Basic Math Facts

Zee is having trouble with basic Math thus scoring low in his tests. Grolier Keymatic has helped my son from the moment we got the box with the workbooks. Not only that, he’s now enjoying solving Math problems on his own. The key is recall and believe me, this is much fun and easier than the usual finger counting and basic arithmetic tables.

Grolier Keymatic is an important training tool for kids who are just starting in Math or those who are having difficulties. When a kid plays with the key tools, he doesn’t just learn but eventually and in a much faster pace, will be able to memorize and quickly solve.

Grolier KeyMatic

Before we started, Zee was literally overwhelmed when it comes to Math. He’s in Grade 4 but still having so much difficulties with the basics. Now, every single day, he takes out his Grolier Keymatic and practice each key – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Addition.

Grolier Keymatic

After practicing the Grolier Keymatic, we make him solve different problems on a paper. You know, just to see if he’s learning each day. We kinda make it a bit difficult each time and answers cannot be found in the keys.

Grolier Keymatic

During weekends, we let him do a page in each workbook, just a page so he won’t get overwhelmed. Besides, we also need to concentrate in his other subjects.

The Grolier Keymatic not only made Zee’s life easier but also ours. We no longer have little fights over studying hahaha. No more crying blues. We’ve also observed that his Math grades have greatly improved and no longer needs to be guided or tutored.

If you think your child needs improvement in the Math department, you can inquire with Grolier Philippines on how they can help you. You can also check for updates on Facebook at

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