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ORGANIQUE: Ensuring Health by Strengthening Immunity

Organique has been around in the Philippines for many years now. I actually tried the Organique Acai Premium Blend 4 years ago and continued for several months because I have diabetes and needed to lose weight. It definitely boosted my metabolism because of its high antioxidant and fiber contents which sped up the process of burning fats. It also helped with my asthma and would you believe that it’s also great as an anti-aging supplement? In this pandemic, we need all the help we can get to boost our immune system and Organique Acai is one health product that you should explore and try.

Recently, Organique joined the Department of Health’s (DOH) Bida Solusyon Campaign that calls on the public to comply with health protocols in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The launch event took place via Zoom and was hosted by celebrity wellness advocate Regine Tolentino.

Organique’s premium health products have been founded on the vision that a strong immune system can make the people susceptible to illnesses and other medical conditions. Boosting one’s health becomes more than self-empowerment, and can also become a means to extend that protection to family, friends, and even the community. A healthy physiological system makes for a formidable complement with the DOH BIDA practices such as the wearing of face masks and face shields in public spaces, regular and proper handwashing, and social distancing by at least one meter. 

DOH x Organique Partnership

“This well-rounded approach to health is essential, now more than ever, as we face a threat with no known cure yet,” said Cathy Salimbangon, CEO and President of Organique, Inc. during the partnership launch last Sept. 29. As numerous medical experts including the World Health Organization (WHO) have iterated, maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the best defenses against COVID-19, since it acts as a barrier against disease. While there are currently no COVID-19  medications that can completely eliminate the virus, there are steps that one can take to ensure one’s physiological and immunological defenses are as strong as possible. 

Echoing Salimbangon’s statements, Integrative Medicine Specialist and Wellness Expert Dr. Sonny Villoria shared, “As a medical practitioner, I know the importance of boosting your immune system. So health supplements like Organique can help provide some form of internal protection, while BIDA can provide external protection. By practicing minimum health standards, we are doing something for ourselves.”

The success of the campaign relies a great deal on the collaboration between the private and public sectors. Dr. Beverly Ho, Director IV of Health Promotion and Communication Service of the DOH’s Public Health Services Team, explained, “We welcome Organique’s energy to make BIDA’s message live and breathe in every Filipino. We shouldn’t be fearful about COVID because the solutions are within us. However, we recognize that some countrymen need more, and so we have our partners to help spread our message. We need to go beyond communication and advertisements to reach different communities.”

Organique Partners with DOH

During the launch, Organique pledged to help build consumer confidence through the mass implementation of the BIDA Solusyon campaign’s objectives. “Not only will we be applying the BIDA guidelines in our own lives. We will also be sharing the pillars of the BIDA campaign in our various platforms online and in person, so that our teams, their families, and the people they may come in contact with, will learn about these simple but important practices against COVID-19,” Salimbangon elaborated.

In addition, Organique Inc. ImmunoCare Kits will be distributed to the vulnerable sectors of the community. They contain the brand’s immunity-boosting Acai Premium Blend, bottles of alcohol, masks, face shields, and BIDA posters and flyers. 

Salimbangon also shared how their company is coping in the new normal. She said, “As a brand, we are in a position to do more to curb the spread of COVID. Thanks to the BIDA guidelines, our teams were able to adapt and demonstrate resilience that puts the safety of our team and customers first.” 

Meanwhile, Communications Technical Advisor to DOH Amor Maclang emphasized the important role that each individual plays as the economy begins its road to recovery. “BIDA Solusyon encourages all of us to be the hero—the ‘BIDA’ of this pandemic. We are all realizing that in order to beat the virus, we need to learn how to live with it. Transmission is inevitable, but we have some of the lowest fatality rates in the world. This happened because all of us in civil society work together and are integrated into our actions through the BIDA campaign.”

Organique Partners with DOH Cory Quirino

Similarly, television host and wellness advocate Cory Quirino reiterated the significance of accountability in encouraging bravery. “When we talk about flattening the curve, we also need to flatten the fear. BIDA is a timely reminder that the hero is in all of us.”

The DOH’s BIDA Solusyon campaign is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development through the Breakthrough Action Program, which has advocated the implementation of a variety of social and behavior change communications in different developing countries to push enhanced and tailor-fit public health education. Salimbangon concluded, “We’re proud to be partnering with a government agency that helps in curbing this pandemic. It’s truly a challenging year, but it never ceases to amaze me what the human spirit can do.

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Nakakatuwa naman po at kasama sila sa campaign ng BIDA SOLUSYON na naglalayong maipakalat ang mga kailangan gawin para hindi na makahawa at mahawa bg sakit na Covid.. 🖒 at isa itong si Acai ang makakapagbigay sa atin ng mga healthy benefits na kailangan natin ngaun.. 🖒

  2. MA D EL says:

    Perfect supplement as it boost our immune system

  3. sosingerica says:

    Madami po pala health benefits ang pag inom neto mamu, perfect po eto lalo na po sa panahon nagyon na we need to boost our immune system.☺️Good campaign po etong Bida Solusyon ng Organique and DOH to comply with health protocols in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Dahil sa Bida Solusyon we encourage us all to be the hero and to beat the covid 19 pandemic by simply follow all the healthy protocols and the BIDA guidelines. And also, maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the best defenses against COVID-19 Kaya we need to boost our immune system by taking vitamins everyday. ☺️

  4. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Ang ganda naman kasi talaga ng advocate ng bida upang ipaaalala sating lahat ang kahalagahan ng mga proper hygiene at kahalagahan ng magiging malinis sa katawa pati na ang pasuot ng face mask at face shield

  5. never heard and never tried Organique Acai Premium Blend since wala pa sa amin ang nagkaroon ng diabetes kaya di ako aware sa mga ganito. marami pala talagang way pra magamot ang diabetes kaya wag susuko. At salamat merong BIDA SOLUSYON para lalo tayo makapag ingat lalo sa COVID-19

  6. Rosiel Bogñalos says:

    Ito talaga ang kailangan natin ngayon, sa dami ng health benefits siguradong makakaiwas tayo sa anumang sakit. Worth it to share.

  7. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Magandang campaign talaga to para sa health awareness ng nakararami.. ang daming health benefits pala ng organique..

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