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Water is Life – Use It Responsibly!

Water is life – I always tell this to my kids with a follow-up on the reasons why, as well as the actual life lessons. We used to have abundant supply but now, it’s a scary fact that water has to be managed more strictly so that all parts of the Metro will have their shares, and sometimes, we experience the lack of it particularly during the dry months.

We all have the same reasons for needing water in our daily routines. But note that not all are enjoying free-flowing supply. Why? One obvious reason is because of irresponsible usage in some areas. You can’t always put the blame on your water supplier because most of the time, consumers are part of the problem.

Water is Life - Use it Responsibly

I’m so thankful that we have an ample supply of water during this pandemic. With the threat of COVID-19, the thought of not having water for even just a day or two would be depressing and uncomfortable, and not while most people are at home. Let’s not also forget the summer heat. I’m sure our water consumption increased due to these reasons; nevertheless, I am just happy that we have a reliable supply that we can use to regularly wash our hands or take a bath after going out, which lessens our fear of acquiring or spreading the virus.

Although our usage of water for health and cleanliness-related activities increased, we decided to be more conscious in using the water responsibly (ayaw naming masayang hindi lang dahil posibleng tumaas ang bill namin kundi dahil mas naunawaan na namin ang kahalagahan ng supply ng tubig).

So, how can you teach your family about the responsible use of water? There are many ways but I’ll be citing a few of the usual situations that most of the time we also forget to do.

Maynilad Conserve Water

It’s highly important to regularly wash your hands especially now that we have a pandemic wherein handwashing is a vital way to kill the virus. But please don’t forget to turn off the faucet while you soap your hands for 20 seconds. Every drop counts!

This goes the same in washing the dishes, turn the faucet off when not in use. You can use a small basin for pre-wash, this way you only use a small amount of water, the same procedure when rinsing all the dishes. It will take about 3 washes to finally rid of the dishwashing soap. At least, you didn’t waste all those water by doing it all under flowing water in the faucet. Just imagine how much water you are consuming and wasting if that is your current style in dishwashing.

Water is Life - Use it Responsibly

When bathing, you can also save water and re-use it for flushing the toilet. Gosh, you don’t know how much water you are wasting when you use your toilet flush! You can do something about it, you can turn off that flush function and just resort to pail-flushing.

We do this at home always, just the water used from washing our hair. I don’t like the idea when I was young because it was easier to just flush and go rather than picking up a heavy pail and pour it on the toilet. But when I became a parent and paying utility bills, the initial feeling was I had no choice or pay the high water bill. Then, I realized I had to help save water and be responsible, too.

Water is Life - Use it Responsibly

You can also do this when doing the laundry, you know. Just think of how you can re-use the water aside from flushing the toilet.

If you really want to be a responsible consumer, find ways on how to help. Our water supply is a finite resource, and it is being heavily used especially now that we have a pandemic. A lot of people are at home and the whole household is using water. Teach your loved ones the importance of water and how to be responsible users. Water is a vital necessity in our lives, let’s use it responsibly!

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  1. para makatipid once a week na laba, sabay maligo with kids para iwas sa madalas na playtime din sa cr sabay linis na din. yung madalas nila na paghugas ng kamay paulit ulit ko din silang nireremind na lagi isasara at isasara ‘yon dapat ng mabuti. ❤️
    Thanks mamu sa mga tips mo nakakalungkot isipin na may mga tao o lugar na hirap sila sa tubig tapos marami din to be honest ang hindi nagtitipid kasi alam na laging meron. hope your blog will spread far pa po sana maisip ng mga hindi masyadong nagtitipid kung ano ang kahalagahan ng tubig ❤❤❤

  2. tama ka Signey. Alam kasi ng iba na laging me tubig kaya hindi naiisip magtipid. Tapos ang sisisihin ay ang water supplier 🙁
    Sana nga marami pang makabasa. 🙂

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