Good Boy Dog Food on Shopee

Buy Good Boy Dog Food on Shopee and Get up to 15% off!

We have an almost 6-year-old Shih Tzu and she gives us so much joy! We named her Zoe the princess, coz she acts like one, very clever and affectionate. We feed her dog food only, never table food coz we learned that this breed is so sensitive. And her shampoo and conditioner are more expensive than mine, lol. We give her only the best!

Zoe and Mamu Good Boy Dog Food on Shopee

Talking about dog food, I buy stocks on Shopee coz you know, we have the pandemic and online shopping is the best way to buy necessities including Zoe’s.

You know Shopee, there’s always a sale going on and most often than not, grocery items are discounted. An example is the Good Boy Dog Food for adults and small breeds which are currently on sale up to 15% off.

Good Boy Dog Food on Shopee

There’s the Good Boy Dog Food Original Variant For Adult Dogs which you can get from 2kilos to 20 kilos. All are in Beef Flavor and are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced. Good for adult dogs 1 year and up.

You can check it here –

Good Boy Dog Food on Shopee

Then, there’s the Good Boy Dog Food Little Variant For Small Breed Adult Dogs. Choices from 2 kilos to 10 kilos in Lamb and Beef flavor. What’s great about this variant is that it has teeth and gum cleaning properties! Brushing small dogs’ teeth and cleaning their gums can sometimes be a hard task, so, this dog food can do the job. For small adult dogs 1 year and up.

“Good Boy Little is fortified with functional fibers which resist easy break up of the kibbles when chewed by the dogs. Stronger kibbles give the opportunity for longer chewing time by the dogs creating mechanical, abrasive brushing of their teeth. This cleaning process lessens the build-up of dental plaque and calculus on the teeth.”

You can check it here –

Good Boy Dog Food on Shopee

Good Boy Dog Food Puppy Variant is also available from 1.5 kilos to 5 kilos and in Beef, Milk, and Eggs flavor for that complete puppy nutrition up to 1-year-old.

“GOOD BOY PUPPY contains egg and milk as protein sources and provides concentrated nutrition with all the extra protein, vitamins and other nutrients and active puppy needs, as well as increased calcium for his developing bones and teeth. The crunchy pieces provide great taste and excellent chewing to help clean teeth and nourish gums.”

You can check it here –

Good Boy Dog Food Puppy

These dog foods are safe for your furry friends and you will notice that a lot of people already bought different variants. If you are looking for an alternative or a new, better tasting dog food, you should try this brand.

Find Good Boy on Shopee at

Make sure to download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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  1. Twinmama Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing Mamu we tried almost every brand na magugustuhan ng mga pur babies namin kaso ang arte talaga table food sa ngayon pinapakain namin..will try this one bka mag work ☺️

  2. pchipeach says:

    This is the best food tlaga sa dog para sapat ung nutrition nila at maging healthy.

  3. Jho Jhie Nah Viñas says:

    Wow alangang alaga naman si Zoe. If we love someon we only want the best for them. Like Zoe you give the best Dog food and shampoo for her. Thanks shopee for giving discounts for this.

  4. Jennel Joy Hebreo Lizardo says:

    Ang cute ng mga pets❤️

  5. Jennel Joy Hebreo Lizardo says:

    Cute ng pets❤️

  6. Donna Ria Mahayag says:

    wow matutuwa ang dog lovers and mga may alagang dog nito. laking tulong din kapag may discount at healthy ang dog for sure. thanks for sharing mamu na miss ko na mag alaga ng dog

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