Top 10 Best Human-Friendly Dog Breeds

Bringing a dog home is more than just owning a pet. It is about introducing an entirely new member of your family. Every human being that is part of that family has to get along with the dog, and not only that, but the dog must also like them. Your kids are the most important point of concern when it comes to owning a dog. If you are not careful, leaving your child behind in the company of your dog might only cause you trouble. To avoid all this, it matters that you opt for a dog that can coexist peacefully with people.

Ideally, people choose different breeds of dogs based on their needs. While some people want a security watchdog, most pet owners look for a companion and a friend. It is about choosing a dog that can make your children feel comfortable without demanding too much of the care you cannot offer.

The secret to bringing the perfect dog home is knowing your needs and that of the dog you choose. You should comfortably be in a position to raise an intelligent, sturdy, healthy, and active dog that does not have you running to the hospital more times than not. You just consider the dog’s temperament, energy level, size, and friendliness to humans. That said, not every breed of dog is perfect for a pet. You stand a better chance of enjoying the company of your pet if you go for a human-friendly dog breed. Here is a list of the top 10 most human-friendly dog breeds you can consider:

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds globally, known for being friendly, playful, loving, patient, and very reliable. Pet owners go for the Labrador Retriever breed because they are very very brilliant, which makes the training process very easy, as compared to training other dogs. This breed of dog is packed with lots of energy, which is why if you were to get it, you would need to expose him to frequent exercise. In fact, this dog breed loves to swim and can make an excellent companion even on vacation. Don’t be surprised if at any given point your dog dived into frigid waters.

The high level of obedience further popularizes this type of dog to its master, which is why he is very human-friendly. Even while he can get very protective of its owners, he is well behaved to treat strangers well, as per the level of training you accord him. Therefore, do not hold yourself back from indulging in a lot of training, because they do better with lots of mental stimulation and physical activity.

2. Beagle

Most pet owners choose a dog for a pet to introduce some life and fun into their homes. In that case, will tell you that Beagles are naturally very energetic and enjoy a lot of playtimes. They are the perfect companions for kids and will take care of your worry for play dates for your child. Initially, Beagles were set apart as hunting dogs, which explains why they love the outdoors and a lot of playtimes. Further, this breed of dogs is sturdy but also small in stature, which makes it easy to carry around.

Beagles are super friendly and happy dogs that enjoy the company of both humans and other pets. For this reason, they do not do very well alone, but rather, thrive on companionship. They also require a lot of training to get them in tune with the lifestyle of your home, but luckily, Beagles are very smart dogs and worthwhile as pets.

3. Bulldog

Bulldogs are among the friendliest canine animals. Since they are not very active dogs, their desire to be lapdogs make them very friendly to human beings, whether kids or adults. A bulldog has a sturdy build with folds around the tail and facial wrinkles. The stature of a bulldog makes him slower in moving around than most dogs. Thanks to this, it is not every day that you will hear a bulldog chase after your child or sweat after every little thing happening around. Besides, a bulldog is comfortable adapting to both a big space and a small one. This dog breed is also compatible with other pets in the house, the best companion for kids, and very friendly to visitors. If you consider yours a busy and very social family, then you need a bulldog by your side to maintain the calm of the house.

However, a bulldog comes with its responsibility. Since he is not exactly the most active dog in the block, you must be watchful of his diet to avoid obesity and other health issues. Moreover, determine an intense oral care routine for him because bulldogs tend to have compact jawlines. You may also want to set apart his sleeping area because of the drooling, snoring, and wheezing.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for pet owners with kids because of his high level of patience. This dog breed does love to play and exercise but is not overly in need of exercise like some of the other breeds mentioned earlier. However, they do enjoy a good swim, a lot of catch and fetch games, not to mention, running around during playtime. This type of dog is smart and obedient, which means you won’t have to struggle so much with tweaking his behavioral issues. Besides, the dog is super kind, loyal, and affectionate, which are among the leading reasons why the breed is also very popular.

Given that the dogs are quick learners, they can comfortably adjust to outdoors and indoors, as long as they are in the company of their owner for some affection and love. All these qualities make this dog breed very friendly with people, including strangers and other pets. Even while the Golden Retriever remains one of the most popular dog breeds in most places worldwide, it requires frequent grooming because of the nature of its coat. Brushing him once every week is a habit you can employ, particularly if you enjoy keeping him outdoors.

5. Hungarian Vizsla

The Vizsla is not exactly a common dog breed for pet lovers, but surprisingly, makes for the perfect family dog. This dog breed is not a favorite for some families because of the high exercise needs that it demands. The dog may be known as an energetic hunting breed, but that is not all it is good for. This breed is fiercely loyal to their owners, and you can trust them with your child all day. In fact, some of the people that on this dog admit that he can sometimes be clingy given that even in his sturdiness, he is such a sensitive dog. This combination makes it an excellent choice for dog owners who have older kids and fit for a family pet. He is also super friendly with strangers, and thanks to his intelligence, very quick in learning new skills. At the very time you bring him home, he will quickly form close-knit ties with everyone in your home, because ‘alone time’ does not work for this breed of dogs.

When it comes to grooming, you do not have to break a sweat. The Vizsla has a smooth coat that does not require a lot of brushing and combing, but rather occasional baths to keep him clean and free from ticks.

6. Irish Setter

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is spot on famous for its lustrous red coat, and nothing is better than flaunting her in your neighborhood after a nice grooming session. While all that is great, there is more to love about the Irish Setter. This show-stopping dog breed sports an active lifestyle, needing lots of exercises, and playtime. This makes it a perfect fit for families with kids.

Besides, the very loyal dog loves to be around children even when playtime is over. For this reason, it would be best to choose this type of dog if you have a backyard where all the fun and games can take place. Consider also a setup where there are always people to play with, because other than moving up and down, this type of dog hates to be alone. The good news is that she is a very intelligent and highly trainable dog, so you do not have to worry about behavioral issues going out of hand. However, be prepared for a lot of grooming, given the long red coat that requires frequent maintenance to keep it clean and tangle-free.

7. Poodle

Anyone would know a Poodle if they spotted them anywhere a Poodle is famous for his distinctive haircut. This explains why most people mistake this breed as an uppity breed that loves to be cuddled and be fussy all day long. This is, however, not true. This dog may have a beautiful well-structured and clipped fur, but that does not mean he is not up for some family activities and fun. Other than that, this dog the best kind of hair coat that is not only fun to groom, but also, rarely sheds. For this reason, they are the perfect dogs for pet owners with allergies. In fact, if you can overlook the unique haircut of this breed, you will soon realize that they are very sharp and intelligent animals that are bored for activity. The Poodle comes in either miniature or standard sizes and three colors, that is, black, white, and apricot, to match the environment of the owner. Depending on the type of Poodle you choose, there are perks to it.

The Standard size Poodle is known to be smart, obedient, playful, and adventurous. However, among strangers, the dog can get a little too shy. This breed is excellent with familiar people. As for the Miniature Poodle, they are smart, responsive, obedient, and playful. This type tends to also dedicate a lot of their love and affection toward one person in particular, even though they are also great with kids and pets. Over and above, if you are to choose a Poodle, be sure to actively schedule grooming time to keep his coat in good shape. Luckily, you can skip the heavy grooming and stick to low maintenance, as long as you maintain regular clipping. Remember, you do not have to go overboard with the haircut. You can opt for a simple sporting clip, as long as the dog is properly groomed.

8. Newfoundland

Have you ever heard of the term Nature’s Babysitter? Well, the Newfoundland has nicknamed nature’s babysitters because of their natural love for kids. This type of dogs is considered among the topmost intelligent dogs in the world, which is why, other than their love for kids, can be trusted with children. Moreover, Newfoundland dogs are very highly trainable and up to the task for any mental and physical stimulation. The dogs are known to be gentle, kind, and patient, not to mention, overprotective of their owners, especially where kids are involved. If you are newly getting into motherhood, you know which dog to go for.

Other than that, this large-statured dog loves to be inside with their owners, which is why it would be best that you have ample indoor space to accommodate their large bodies. However, be prepared to deal with a lot of shedding and drooling, which are some of the cons of this dog. Therefore, be ready to indulge in active grooming to keep him clean and neat, but also to keep your home free from too much dog hair. All that will not mean so much once you know that the Newfoundland dogs are known to help save lives in emergency situations in the water. Since they are great swimmers, it should not bother you that your pool area is not gated.

9. Collie


The Collie breed is a large family of dogs, encompassing more than one type of dog. It covers dogs such as Border Collie and Bearded Collie. If you are unsure of what you like in dogs, then go for the Collie dog, which is a safe breed to choose for your family, mainly because gentle and predictable. Very rarely will you find a Collie dog misbehaving. It is one of the reasons why the dog is very easily trainable, not to mention, obedient to its master.

If you have never owned a pet before, or you are unfamiliar with the needs of a dog, consider a Collie, not just for the reasons mentioned above, but for the fact that they love to please their owners and do right by the rules of the family. Besides, this breed of dogs loves to care for their families and protect their owners while getting along great with the kids. However, be careful that your dog does not get too hands-on with raising up your kids. Since they were originally meant to be herding dogs, they can quickly begin herding your kids. That may not be a problem until you understand that they are equally as stubborn as they are smart, which could become a problem, if you let them herd your kids for too long.

As for the grooming needs, the Collie has long hair, which means you need to get a little more involved in the process, more often than you would for other types of dogs.

10. Boxer

Charisma and a highly protective demeanor are the defining traits for the Boxer dog. A Boxer is loyal and intelligent, but also needful of solicitous attention and sometimes distrustful of strangers. This breed is known to love the company of kids, and because of its patience can be great in handling the children. The sociable breed also enjoys the company of people, more especially children, and is all out for some fun and games. The dog is very energetic, high-spirited, particularly at a young age where they can be a little hyperactive and too demanding of exercise and playtime. Their fun-loving attitudes are what make the Boxers very popular dogs, and perfect for family pets.

The short-haired breed has a smooth coat that will not demand a lot of maintenance. More good news is that the Boxer flaunts modesty and cleanliness, which is one of the leading reasons why he is loved by pet owners.  However, since more Boxers comes with a white underbelly and white on the feet, you may want to consider grooming him occasionally to keep him clean.

Being a dog owner is one of the most exceptional pride of most people. A dog can quickly make you feel loved and cared for with warm attention and companionship every day. While there are so many dogs breeds to consider before you choose the one to take home, keep your options open. The goal is to choose a pet that not only feels like family but one that can integrate perfectly with the kind of family you have. Surround yourself with some love by adopting a pet that you can care for, whether grooming needs or exercise and dietary needs. You cannot miss out on the ideal dog for your situation from this list of the best breeds there are in the world.

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