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Singapore has always been known as a child-friendly destination, with a whole gamut of attractions that inspire creativity and a sense of wonder among the little ones. And while the world is on quarantine, Singapore remains accessible for discovery and learning online, to the delight of parents and kids everywhere.

For one, the Singapore Tourism Board has released a drawing tutorial of its iconic character Merli. Kids get to create and at the same time learn more about the country’s representative symbol, the Merlion. People have then been sharing their artworks born out of the tutorial, including Vlogger and Radio Host, Andi Manzano-Reyes, and her equally admired girls, Olivia and Amelia, drawing their take on the cute Merli.

Andi Manzano Singapore Tourism Board

And this is just one of the many other online activities that Singapore has made available for the entire family to enjoy and take advantage of these days.

Different attractions—museums, works of nature, and more—are opening their doors, virtually at least, for every family’s choosing.

Art, Science, and more!

Keep the momentum going after the Merli drawing tutorial. Expose the young minds to more hands-on arts and crafts, and a museum experience at the same time.

Help your child discover ways to experiment, play and create with every day, recyclable materials easily found at home such as cardboard toilet rolls, and rubber bands. Playeum, a center in Singapore that champions children through play holds a live, guided craft session every week, an ideal choice for  regular play dates for the little ones. One can also give the usual storytime a boost and twist, with some puppet play at home with DIY instructions from the group C!puppets.

Get them to know more about the Indian heritage and culture of Singapore through online jigsaw puzzles and charades, even, provided by the Indian Heritage Center. Or let them marvel in the space where art meets science with ArtScience museum’s limited time online offerings—from virtual tours to workshops, and performances.

Singapore Tourism Board Sentosa Crossing

Into video games? It may not necessarily be a bad thing. Learning also takes place when kids play, and Sentosa has taken the island adventure in the popular Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so kids can get a glimpse of the exciting experience possible there.

Get around Singapore

If the virtual island experience piques their interest, then let them further explore! Singapore’s famed awe-inspiring green space in the heart of the city, Gardens by the Bay, has launched #StayHomeWithGB, to allow people to still learn about the art of horticulture, along with other edutainment content that are perfect for parents looking for new things to introduce to their kids.

Meanwhile, Google Street View has also made it possible to carry-on sightseeing in the Lion City through the virtual tours of the Singapore Botanic GardensMount Faber Park, and MacRitchie Reservoir.

All these fun activities that Singapore makes available online are but a reflection of the many attractions the island nation has to offer. And even while we are in quarantine, there are still opportunities for kids to pursue creative and imaginative activities. In fact, it might be the best opportunity and time to bond and share precious moments together.

Keep checking Visit Singapore PH for more online activities to enjoy!

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  1. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Yey, galing naman… Pwede libangan ng mga kids. Maiexplore pa ang singapore without travelling 👍👍

  2. Kristel Yamzon says:

    Kids would surely enjoy this activity online. 😍

  3. Dhel Manog says:

    Good idea na talagang mag eenjoy ang mga kids.Hindi lang sya basta laro talagang matuto ang mga bata.

  4. Fun and learning sa games na to pwedinng pwedi sa kids also adults din my matutunan din love itgood job
    Ig nikkiepepito
    Fb nikkie bp rosales
    Yt nikkie pepito

  5. Dhel Manog says:

    Good idea na talagang mag eenjoy at matuto ang mga kids.

  6. angeliecuna says:

    Wow.. For sure mag eenjoy ang mga kids dito.. Ang dami fun activities na pwedeng gawin with the kids.. The best..


    Wow galing nmn, thanks to Singapore Tourism.

  8. WoW! This is nice recommendation activities to try thanks for the info mamu 😍

  9. twinmama sarah says:

    so nice naman nito,never been to Singapore and i love how clean their country is,kaya nman nasa bucket lists ko ito,maybe someday will visit here 🙂 But for now ill try this one.Nkakatuwa im sure kahit akong matanda na mag eenjoy din 🙂

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